What A Weekend!

Holy moly, the past 3 days have been wild!  Y’all are in for a treat today though, because I am going to be posting twice!  You read that right, I am going to be a double poster for the day… especially because it’s WEDDING WEEK!

By Thursday of last week, my sister and I were left feeling like this… exhausted!


Neal was also working tirelessly on his third book, which should go to print while we’re on our honeymoon! YAY!


I did have the energy however to cook some AWESOME meals last week (more on that later)!  It was great being able to eat healthy foods despite being exhausted from the work week and all the wedding planning!

stuffed bell peppers

Friday after work I got gussied up and headed into DC for my bachelorette party (more on that later today)!


It was a wild night!  Aside from my party, there were some horrendous thunderstorms here in DC which knocked out most of the city’s power.  Alison and I returned home to a shut down metro station, dark streets, and a pitch black house.   We ended up being without power for about 40 hours, but we tried to make the most of the hot and sweaty weekend!

We opened a few gifts…

AHHHHHH!! So excited!!!

folded laundry…

purchased a lot of alcohol for the wedding…

filled up our tank and watched people act like the world was coming to an end…

and mooched off of the city’s power!

By the time our power turned on on Sunday, our refrigerator temps looked like this… GROSS!

I am just grateful to have power again, to have some of my family in town, and to be marrying Neal this week!  It’s going to be an awesome week!


  1. says

    Did you empty out your whole refrigerator??? That’s so sad. As a side note, where can you buy that much Fat Tire? It’s my brother in laws favorite beer and he can’t find it where he lives.

  2. Kelly says

    we made it through the storm with our power only being out for a little over 24 hrs. Which is a record because normally we average a three day loss of power. The down side is I had food poisoning this weekend too. It was rough but getting the A/C back felt soooo good.

    I just pray for those still without. My grandparents are supposed to get theirs back today.

    So excited for your wedding. Reminds me of how much excitement I had leading up to mine. However I didn’t actually “live” with my husband before our wedding so it was a week of prepping and me moving.

    I hope all goes well. It’s going to be a HOT week :-)

  3. Missy says

    That stuffed pepper thing looks good. Just gave me an idea for dinner tonight. I have two red peppers on the counter that are ready to turn!

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