While I’m Away

While Neal and I are on our honeymoon I have some AMAZING guest bloggers who will be taking over Coffee, Cake and Cardio!  These woman motivate me every day to be a better person, to live a healthy life, to treasure each moment, and to be confident in the woman I am.

Each day, a fellow blogger and/or friend of mine will take over Coffee, Cake and Cardio and share their story or tips they may have for you!  These ladies advice has impacted me greatly and I hope it’ll do the same for you!

Realistically I will not be able to blog about the wedding until we return from Europe, but I hope that you all enjoy the rockstar posts that are coming your way and follow me on twitter and instagram while I’m away.  I’ll be eager to catch everyone up when I return!

For a glimpse into our honeymoon, check out my honeymoon pinterest board!  HOLY MAMA! I can not wait!


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    Congrats on the wedding and have fun in Europe. My husband is originally from the Netherlands and it is a beautiful county as is Germany. We will be in Munich next week for a day I doubt we will cross paths but that would be funny if we did. Have a blast I know you will post lots when you get back

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