Stay Fit Together

Hello! I’m Lauren, the blogger behind Oatmeal after Spinning and am thrilled to be taking over Coffee, Cake and Cardio for the day! I am lucky enough to be friends with Ashley in real life, and it all began with us reading each others’ blogs! We met for the first time last fall over a double date at Dogfish Ale House, and have been close ever since.

I’ve loved being a part of Ashley’s life as her and Neal’s relationship progressed from dating to being an engaged couple and hearing the details of her wedding as it was being planned. As a newlywed (we just celebrated our one year anniversary 2 days ago!), I can vividly remember the excitement, stress and anticipation that goes along with planning a wedding, but also know that that’s all behind Ashley and Neal right now as they enjoy their dreamy honeymoon in Europe.

I met my husband, Greg, five years ago- shortly after having lost about 60 lbs. through healthy eating and exercising. I was getting really interested in running and had a few 5ks under my belt. Greg told me that he was really passionate about mountain biking and often competed in races. We bonded immediately over our love for being active and realized that we both had a very competitive nature. I encouraged Greg to continue to compete in mountain bikes races, no matter how crazy they were (like the 24 hour race he did!). Greg also encouraged me to continue with running and sign up for 8k, 10k and half-marathon races. We even ran a few races together!

My interest in running generally progressed into many different areas of exercise and I even tried my hand at mountain biking a few times. I’m still a little bit too much of a wuss to mountain bike like Greg does, but I do enjoy riding on “baby” trails. We even got engaged during a bike ride/kayak trip in Colorado!

One of the greatest things that Greg has helped me discover is that I have an intense love and connection to being out in the woods and hiking. He introduced me to all of the awesome hiking trails that we have around Maryland – and all over the country!

We are both so passionate about hiking that our honeymoon was a two week adventure of hiking, biking and kayaking through the Pacific Northwest.

We generally plan our vacations to places where we can constantly explore and challenge ourselves, because it’s what we both really love to do. Being outdoors is something that is so important to both of us, and is also something that closely binds us together. I’m a certified Spinning and Bodypump instructor, and recently quit my job of 7 years as a school teacher to pursue a career in personal training. I could have never done this without Greg’s support, and am so grateful that he understands how passionate I am about teaching others to be healthy.

We made a pledge to “stay fit together” for the rest of our lives, and I don’t see that being a difficult promise to uphold. If you’re able to find a fitness activity (or 5!) that you both love doing together, it can make a relationship that much stronger. I’m lucky to have found my partner in fitness for life!

Cheers and congrats to Ashley and Neal!

What types of fitness-related activities do you like to do with your partner?

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