Enjoying A Healthy, Fit Marriage

Hi! I’m Corrie Anne, and I blog about my super thrilling life at corrieanne.com.

When Ashley asked me about writing a guest post, I absolutely loved the topic of integrating fitness & health living into my marriage. What a timely topic! Kevin and I just celebrated our first anniversary, and I’m proud to say that neither of us gained any weight during our first year of marriage! But trust, me it was NOT by accident!

If you read my blog, you might assume that we’ve always both lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. That’s not exactly true. I had this habit in college of going down to the vending machine every night at midnight (would you believe my college had a midnight curfew?!) and buying a bag of Cheetos! Let’s not even get into the bottomless Diet Cokes and fries in the cafeteria. I never started exercising regularly until I was presented with the unexpected challenge of teaching high school students. I’m definitely an elementary teacher so that drove me to the treadmill! When Kevin and I first started dating, he never worked out. Whenever I think back to that time, I always ask him,”What did you do with all that time?!!” Believe it or not, my incessant chatter about the gym prompted him to join the local Y and start working out. I didn’t even nag him! You can ask him. So we went into our marriage last year both working out fairly regularly. We even had a 5k fun run included as one of our wedding events!

My #1 tip for enjoying a healthy, fit marriage is to find a variety of ways to be active together. For us that looks like, running and doing a variety of WODs at our apartment gym or in the park. Here are some other things we have tried:

  • walking around a nearby park after work while we discuss our days
  • Other things we want to try include stand up paddleboarding, running a marathon, ice skating, Crossfit, and climbing a 14er!

Kevin does an “official” workout about 4 days a week, while I’m more like 6 days a week. But we both view this as a nonnegotiable in our schedule, and we enjoy it as a way to spend more time together. There’s a million other ways to work out and be fit. You just have to find the on that you enjoy and that works for you!

Healthy eating together as a couple is a little bit trickier, especially when you have one person who is quite a bit more committed to the idea (that would be me). My first suggestion would be to cook at home! Not only is it a moneysaver, but it’s definitely a good way to know exactly what’s in your food and to keep portions a check. I’m a fan of the popular diet tip to eat your food off smaller plates. It’s a trick, friends, but it works! Now that doesn’t mean you can’t ever go out. Kevin and I have one designated date night (yay Thursdays!!) and on that night I will definitely willing to indulge. I know it’s tough to find the time. We don’t have any kids yet so we have a little more freedom with this, but I’m hoping if we get into some good habits now it’ll make it easier down the road.

I would also encourage you to try new foods and new recipes. I can’t believe it, but I’ve only liked avocados and hummus for a few years! I’m still working on a few things like kale and some other of my “fear vegetables” but I’ve really braved up and expanded my tastes. Commit to trying one new healthy recipe a week and work them into your rotation!

Make compromises. In our house we have Cookie Friday. Kevin loves cookies, and I enjoy making them for him. Yes, my husband eats a dozen cookies every weekend (usually while I’m at the gym!!!!), but we try to keep sweets out of the house the rest of the week. We’re planning to cut back on this a little bit after we hit a full week of Cookie Fridays, but I know that cookies will always be a part of Kevin’s life and I’m okay with that.

Be positive and encouraging with each other. I like to push myself at the gym and basically in every area of my life. Kevin would generally choose a leisurely jog over a speed workout or tabata training. But guess what? I’m so thankful that he’s active and taking care of himself. That’s what’s the most important to me because I want him to be healthy and for us to celebrate many, many, more anniversaries together. So give each other a break about missing a workout here or there. Or about having a donut at work. But maybe the next day you can sneak in a bike ride or a little extra activity.

Smile. Laugh. And have fun!! That’s good for you too!!!!

Love, Corrie Anne xoxooxo

P.S. Happy wedding & huge congratulations to Ashley & Neal!!!


  1. says

    Haha, my college had a midnight curfew too! Congrats on keeping a good workout routine with your husband :) Jordan and I just started making fitness a priority in the last few months– it’s been a challenge but so much fun to workout together! Thanks for the ideas on things to do together.

    Congrats to Ashley and Neal on their recent marriage!

  2. says

    love your post, corrie! exercise/workouts/active time should definitely be a non-negotiabable! And being supportive is so key, too! Love seeing you both at Fitness on the Rocks!

  3. Benny Medina says

    I love how you incorporate your married life and starting a physical regimen. I could even try this out with a friend or a brother. Thanks again!

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