I’m Back From My Honeymoon!

I’m back from my honeymoon!

It’s hard to believe that this time yesterday morning Neal and I were having breakfast in Munich and now we are back home in DC.  The past month has been absolutely amazing; getting married and then spending 16 days touring Europe… but I have a huge confession, I am really happy to be back and to return to a normal life.

The past 10 months have been UNREAL!  Neal finished writing his third book and published it the week before our wedding.  I on the other hand planned our wedding (with Neal’s help), finished grad school, and started a new job.   We both loved every minute of our wedding and honeymoon, but we are thrilled to be home and to start our new (and much more relaxed) life together.

Over the next few weeks I will share all about our wedding week, wedding, and European honeymoon.  I have soooo much to share and dying to fill y’all all in!  I also can not wait to share photos from our amazing photographer Nessa K.!  Here’s one of my favorites so far!


I also need to thank 14 very special bloggers for taking over Coffee, Cake, and Cardio while I was away.  I appreciate each of your words more than you know and appreciate all that you’ve share on my blog.

Lisa @ 110 pounds

Sarah @ Sarah Learns

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

Talia @ Bite Size Wellness

Noel – Sharing her weight loss journey

Colleen @ Lunchbox Diaries

Janetha @ Meals and Moves

Lynne @ L. G. Smash

Lauren @ Oatmeal After Spinning

Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family

Paige @ Running Around Normal

Corrie Anne @ Carrie Anne

Ashley @ A Healthy, Happier Bear

Well I’m off to workout, eat a healthy breakfast, do lots of laundry, and begin organizing things for the days and week ahead.  Be sure to come back later today, as I’ll have my first wedding post for you all.



  1. says

    This made me very excited! I can’t ready to all your upcoming posts :)
    My boyfriend and I were just talking about doing a European honeymoon… so I’m looking forward to that post :)

    That picture is beautiful and so natural looking.

  2. Lauryn says

    Yay!!!! I am glad you are back, cant wait to hear all about your newlywedded bliss!!! You look absoutley stunning at your wedding girl!!!! I love the dress, the hair, everything!!!! So excited for you guys!! This part right here…the newlywed part, is one, if not the BEST part of your life!! Enjoy every second of it!!!

  3. says

    I can’t wait to read about everything!! You look so beautiful and radiant :)

    I’ve been stalking your blog since you’ve been gone and loved all the guest posts you had. You’re my blogging inspiration lately :)

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