August 2012 Goals

A brand new month never felt so good! I’m incredibly excited to share my August 2012 goals with y’all today!  July was such a whirlwind and although I didn’t post any goals for last month, I did have a few…

1.  Eat fruits and vegetables whenever possibly while in Europe

2.  Walk everywhere

3.  Limit sweets

It’s pretty cool when thinking back on our honeymoon because I truly met each of these goals.  It’s not like fruits and veggies don’t exist in Europe, it’s just that you’ll find WAY more dishes made out of meats and potatoes than of fruits and veggies.  For me, I knew I would have to make an effort to get my fruits and veggies in each day!  As a solution, whenever we passed a farmers market, Neal and I would snag a piece of fruit.  I also ordered a few salads along the way, which was a nice change up from the amazing meat and potato dishes.


We also walked EVERYWHERE.  Neal and I are proud to say that aside from taking a bus or train to our next city, we never took a cab, train, or bus within a city.  We walked everywhere!


The limiting of sweets was tough but I still did it!  When I first arrived in Europe I felt like I was in a Nutella wonderland, but that quickly wore off (Thank God).  I truly enjoyed all of the amazing desserts we had while abroad but I do think I did a great job of limiting them as well.  Since being back I’ve also had hardly any sweets.  I’ve made fat free jello pudding twice for Neal and I and had frozen yogurt last weekend.  Not too bad considering all I could have had.  I didn’t even eat my wedding cake… but that’s my own fault.


As I move into the month of August, it’s great to have a realistic platform to stand upon.  I’m not working on graduate work, I’m not worrying about my wedding dress, and I’m not running across Europe… I’m just enjoying life, settling in, and looking to who I am, who I want to be, and what it’ll take to get there.

I know over the past 10 months this blog has taken on quite the wedding/life blog feel but this is a weight loss and fitness blog.  I am still on my quest and journey to reach my goal weight!  While on my honeymoon Neal asked me what my actual goal was, since we had never talked about it and honestly, it’s hard to say.  I have 2 huge goals as of today…

1.  Reach Onederland

2.  Weight 185

I have no idea what 185 will feel like, so for now, that’s my goal.  Could I reach my doctor recommended weight of 143-165, maybe, but right now I think to myself “there is no freaking way I could every weigh that little”.  My reservations stem from the amount of muscle mass I have and my frame size, but then again, who knows.  Sometimes the numbers scare me but I know that 199 and 185 are where I’d like to be/reach.

So based on all of that I created my goals for August… a healthy mix of weight loss, fitness, and life goals.

August Goals

1.  Get up with Neal at 6AM Monday-Friday and workout for 30-45 minutes (walk, run, bike, whatever).  This is to support Neal and to get myself moving before work.  We haven’t missed a day since coming back from our honeymoon so I want to continue that trend.

2.  Take a gym class 2 times a week.  This is aside from my Wednesday night tap dance class.

3.  Create a meal plan and grocery list every week… and buy only what is on that grocery list.

4.  Research meeting with a nutritionist.

5.  Go to brunch.

6.  Try one new thing.

What are your goals/plans for the month of August?


  1. says

    Awesome job staying healthy on your honeymoon! It was probably really tough to keep from indulging the whole time (or at least it wouldn’t been for me, haha). Good luck on your August goals. Those are good ones!

  2. says

    I feel the exact same way about my goal weight. I’ve never been thin and I have no idea how I’ll feel or what I’ll look like when I actually reach the 100’s. My goal is to reach onederland then the 170’s and reevaluate then :) Sounds like you have some great goals this month!

  3. Tracy says

    Way to go on reaching your goals while being on your honeymoon! I always have a much harder time while on vacations. My goals are similar to yours. First, I want to reach onederland — have about 20 pounds to go until that and then I’d like to be around 180-185. I have a lot of muscle mass as well. I actually chuckled at your story about being stronger than the boys in school. I remember arm wrestling all of the boys in middle school and kicking their butts! :-)

  4. Kelly says

    first and foremost the goal is to get both kids started with homeschooling in a few weeks. We will be very busy now that both are in school (Kindergarten and First grade).

    Other goals
    * go to annual OB/GYN visit and discuss a few health concerns and get recommendation for new PCP and get physical. This is much needed.
    * focus on eating the right things and indulge but not over indulge and forget about counting calories. I get a little OCD about calories and I have realized it is counterproductive in my goal to be healthy.
    * after having meeting with PCP and getting lab work done I will determine how much weight I need to lose. I want to make the Dr well aware of my goals but he/she will need to understand that weight goals need to also reflect what my labs say and what my body frame limits me to. Let’s face it, I have a large frame so being 125 (which is often recommended) may not be realistic. I’m thinking between 140 and 145 is where I am very comfortable.
    * workout a minimum of 4 days a week and get the toning exercises in too. I proved I can work out 6 days a week (it was a goal and I did it) so I know I can do 4. Even with daily school and housewife duties.

  5. Katy says

    My goals are pretty similar to yours, and my goal weight is the same! Oh onederland…..I can’t wait to meet you (again)!!!! :) Would love to hear about your findings on a nutrionist – I’ve done some research in the past but keep finding ones that cost so much money. Don’t really want to put out too much money if maybe insurance can cover it. Keep up the great work!!!!! :)

  6. says

    I didn’t eat any of my wedding cake(except for the piece smashed into my face)! I wish I had at least tried it but I know my family enjoyed it :)

  7. says

    I, too, have trouble seeing myself at the recommended weight, but that’s probably because I’ve never seen it, period! (You know, except for on the way up.) Onederland sounds lovely, though! Here’s to a healthy August!

  8. says

    Excellent goals! I know that I will never be the reccommended weight. When I got down to 185 – my lowest ever, I clawed and fought to stay there. It was HARD. My goal is to maybe get to 175. I don’t have to be 14-160 to be happy and healthy!

  9. says

    I know we’re always our hardest & toughest critic (at least I know I am to myself!) so I just wanted to say I really, truly admire your workout/work/fitness ethic, Ashley! I am always, always impressed by the way that you put your health first and fit it in to a VERY busy schedule! I’m hoping to take it to the next level this month too, because my fitness rut has gone on for too long!! And I agree that the doctor recommended level thing is interesting – last year I was 175 (which was only 10 away from my “healthy” weight) and I felt SO in shape! So, like you said, I think it really is about the person/body type, etc. Go, girl! :)

  10. says

    I think my goals are going to be a day behind this month. My husband was off work today so we were busy shopping!! Way to walk on the honeymoon! That’s really impressive.

  11. says

    Your goals are realistic and attainable- and awesome!
    I have to brag- my big goal (since I have to watch every penny now) has been to plan out dinners for the week on Friday nights and make a grocery list – and stick to it. And I’ve been good about it for almost 2 weeks now. It’s kind of amazing how much I was buying before that I didn’t need!

  12. says

    I LOVED how much I walked when I was in Europe. I went there last September and I feared that I would gain a bunch of weight but I actually maintained despite all the yummy food I ate. I have been walking more and more lately and can tell such a difference in my energy level and how my clothes fit and we love that! I’m shooting for 3-4 miles a day but the days I get more than 4 in I feel like a champion.

  13. says

    This is so sool, just by looking at the water bottles I can tell that you were in Germany. ;) I hope you had a lot of fun and it’s great that you two “walked” everywhere. Nice!!

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