Fitness Friday – 2

I don’t know about y’all but this week flew by for me. It wasn’t exactly the week I had hoped it would be, but I’ll get to that in a second.  On the plus side, Neal and I are definitely back into a great routine; working out in the morning, eating healthy, limiting eating out, working hard, and getting to bed at a reasonable time.

This week I also started wearing my Nike FuelBand again, as I didn’t take it to Europe with me.  I’ve had a number of people e-mail me to ask what I think about the FuelBand and honestly, I love it!  I do wish it had the sleep feature found on the fitbit, but otherwise I love it!


Monday – 30 minute walk in the morning, 1.5 mile walk to gym, 30 minutes of weight lifting, and 60 minute spin class.


I really loved getting back into spin this week.  It is such an intense workout and I love leaving the class knowing that I worked my butt off.  Monday I made the mistake of wearing a hot pink bra and a white t-shirt… oops! Still, I left the gym feeling awesome!


Tuesday – 30 minute walk AM (started out on the bike but I decided a 2 mile walk would be better).


Wednesday – 30 minute Body Revolution Cardio 1 workout (substituted blurpees for suicides), 45 minutes of weight lifting, and 60 minute tap dancing class.


So it was at this point that things went south.  Wednesday morning I felt great after my Body Revolution workout and didn’t think an afternoon weight lifting session would be bad.  After a 1.5 mile walk to the gym (warm up) I started my weight lifting routine. Back squats felt great so I moved into jump squats.  I started out lifting 135 pounds and then moved to 225 pounds.  In my second set of jump squats at 225 I felt my back and hamstring pull and knew that something had gone wrong.

I stopped squatting and moved over to do an abs circuit… bad decision.  The various ab moves made my back cinch up even more.  I decided to stretch and to head on over to tap (another bad decision).


Not only was tap difficult but I left the class in horrible pain.  I got home around 9:15PM and just went straight to bed.  I was in pain and frustrated with myself.  My hope was that Thursday morning I would wake up feeling better.

Thursday morning when I woke up, I could barely move.  I couldn’t stand up straight and I couldn’t walk.  I quickly realized that going/getting to work was going to be really difficult and decided that making a doctor’s appointment was my best decision.


My doctor prescribed me an anti-inflammatory and told me to take Mortin for the pain.  As sitting and lying down makes me stiff, I tried my hardest to move around the apartment yesterday.  Still, I was in lots of pain last night. Working out — wasn’t going to happen for sure.

ice pack

Today I am home again, resting, icing, and stretching.  I’m really praying that the pain will subside and that I’ll start to feel better.  Weekend plans are slowly being cancelled as I realize that moving around and hosting parties just isn’t going to happen.

As you can see, it wasn’t the week I had hoped it would be.  It started out great and strong and ended in injury.  I’m worried about not being able to workout but I know I just have to take it one day at a time.

So what was your favorite workout this week?


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    Oh I hope you feel better soon! My favorite workout this week was my Swim Fit class. We did our endurance workout and then did a relay like the Olypics and she even had medals for us at the end. It was a lot of fun!

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    Yuck. A few weeks ago, I took a body combat class and while doing these crazy jump kicks, I pulled my hamstring, which flared up my sciatica from when I was pregnant. UGH it was awful. I couldn’t do hardly anything for over a week. I feel your pain girl. Rest up!!

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    I still can’t believe you were doing jump squats with that much weight- that just blows my mind! We do them with NO weight in Bodypump- and that’s craziness!
    Hope you feel better real soon, my friend! You are definitely on a roll!

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