Weight Loss Reminiscing

Since I have been unable to do anything these past two days due to my injury, I’ve been able to organize some things on my blog and on my computer.  One of the to-dos on my 28 by 28 list was to restore my files from my old laptop, which died a few years ago.  Thanks to Neal, I was able to do this this spring and have loved going through all of the photos and files.

The most surprising was to come across photos of me from before I started losing weight and to look at how I have progressed over time.  A little weight loss reminiscing if you will.

Before Weight Loss


Ashley Before


Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before


Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

During Weight Loss

Ashley 2007

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley 2008

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Since my lowest Weight


Ashley Before

I reached my lowest weight in the October of 2007, weighing in at 207.  It was also cool to stumble upon a weight loss chart from when I lost the bulk of my weight from the fall of 2006 to the fall of 2007.


Weigh-In Weight

Weight Loss

Total Weight Loss

Weight Left To Lose

Nov 30, 2006



Dec 7, 2006





Dec 12, 2006





Dec 19, 2006





Dec 26, 2006





Jan 4, 2007





Jan 11, 2007





Jan 17, 2007





Jan 24, 2007





Feb 1, 2007





Feb 8, 2007





Feb 20, 2007





Mar 10, 2007





Quit Weight Watchers

Aug 25, 2007





Oct 31, 2007





From October 2007 to April 2009 I fluctuated between 207 and 215. I went through a lot of personal things back in the spring/summer of 2009 and that is when I began gaining weight back.  Since the summer of 2009 I have fluctuated between 215 and 230, losing and gaining the same 15 pounds.


Ashley Before

Ashley Before


Ashley Before

Ashley Before


Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before


Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Ashley Before

Going through these photos has brought about a mix of emotions.  On one hand I am very proud of how much weight I lost back in 2006-2007, but on the flip side it is discouraging to see how much weight I have gained and how up unto this point I haven’t gotten back down to 207.  It has made me think about how I lost the weight back then and how after leaving Weight Watchers in 2007 I continued to lose weight up until I hit a huge life speed bump in 2009.

Despite the weight fluctuation over the past 3 years I have increased my fitness level immensely.  I trained for and ran a half marathon in 09-10 and have continued to run since then.  I also picked up spin and have left a lot of sweat on those studio floors.  Lastly I have taken on various fitness challenges, including doing 9 weeks of Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution this past spring.  Is this justification for my weight gain? No way, but I am proud of all I have accomplished over the past 3 years.

On June 11, 2012 (the beginning of my scaleless summer) I weighed in at 225.2, 18.2 pounds higher than my lowest weight in 2007.  I am proud of myself for not gaining more than the 18.2 pounds, but it’s still a daily battle to get back to where I was and to where I want to be.

It has been quite the challenge to figure out the best way to lose my body fat and to get down to where I want to be.  Neal reminds me that we’ve only been back from our honeymoon for a little over a week and that my injury is leaving me feeling in the dumps since it’s keeping me from being able to workout.  Either way, I’ll figure it out — I know I will and I will get back to where I want to be.

As my sister has challenged me, I need to be thankful for my weight loss back in 2006-2007 but I need to look at today as a new start.  Instead of thinking of having gained back some of the weight I had lost, I need to look at 225.2 as my starting weight and not think about my past.

So that’s my challenge, to remember that June 11, 2012 was day 1.  On day one I weighed 225.2, not that on June 11 I weighed 18.2 pounds more than my lowest weight.  Doing this will help me to stay focused and to continue to work on my diet, not the diet of my past.

Posts like this are great reminders for me and I hope that it helps you along your way as well.


  1. Alison says

    Wow Ash! This post really made me tear up.

    You’ve come so far and have done so much since that photo on the top of this post.
    I love you and boy do you look different with long hair! (I love it short)

  2. says

    You look fantastic! I know it’s frustrating to go up and down in weight, but just try to accept the process. Figuring out what works for YOU, and how to create sustainable, balanced lifestyle habits takes a while, but you’ll get there. Not weighing yourself frequently will help because it will allow you to focus on the big picture (eating well, working out, feeling good) and not the number on the scale. The scale can be so detrimental to weight loss—even when you are losing! A self-sabotaging thing tends to kick in. Anyyyyway, best wishes—I know you’ll get there!

  3. says

    I totally feel you. I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. This summer I decided that this was it. This was going to be the year that I lost the weight. I love reading your blog because it gives me motivation to not give up and know that I can do it. You can do it too! :) I’m excited to keep reading about your journey while I embark on my own too.

  4. says

    First of all- there’s a common them in all of the photos: you are stunningly beautiful at ANY weight. Seriously! Gorgeous!!
    I can relate SO MUCH to your journey- I was at my smallest around 2007 and have gained between 15-20 lbs (though I’m fairly certain at least 5 of that is muscle- and I’m sure you can say the same). It’s frustrating, I know, and I wish I had the magic answer for you of how to stay at a weight that you can be happy with and comfortable in your own skin! You have such a great attitude in this post. :) xoxo

  5. says

    Get it Girl! It is fun/interesting/hard/valuable to look back over the journey. I think you’ve got this covered. Rest that back! xo

  6. Lindsey says

    Ashley, I totally relate to your sentiments in this post– thank you so much for sharing! I, too, was at my lowest (healthy) weight in 2007 and since then I have gone down low too far and now up way too high- back to my starting pre-weight loss weight from 2006. Ugh. I’ve restarted dozens of times this summer but I am dealing with the same issues– looking back and seeing how far I’ve strayed from all my good progress.

    You don’t look your scale weight at all and I would never guess your weight to be where you say it is now. I hope you’re proud of the great fitness habits you’ve developed and know that your determination is enviable!

    It can be tough and discouraging some days, but you’re not alone and Lauren is right- you are stunningly pretty! :)

    • says

      Lindsey- I can not begin to thank you for your comment. Your words made me cry and I appreciate them more than you know! Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope that we can both help each other along our journey. We both can do this Lindsey!

      • Lindsey says

        Aw! It’s all true. :) Yes indeed, I am hoping this is my final battle with this body–at least weight-wise! Fingers are crossed for us both and all who are dealing with similar problems.

        I’m a D.C. area reader and you are not missing anything being injured in this heat!

  7. says

    This is such a great post to read for anyone who is trying to lose a little or a lot of weight. Although I’m technically “slim”, I’ve been gaining and losing the same 10 lbs for over a year now, too. Time to start over fresh and realize I’m at a different point in my life and can’t keep thinking about how I’ve regained x number of lbs from my lowest (which was 1 stinkin lbs from goal weight..ahhh).

  8. says

    Hey Ashley! This is a great post. I find myself falling into this exact same pattern of beating myself up for being over where I started. It’s SO frustrating to gain back any of the weight we work so hard to lose, but I think your point about seeing today as a new day is so important. I need to start from where I am now, accept this as my new beginning, and not dwell on the fact that it’s above where I was at this time last year at my lowest weight.

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