Truckeroo DC

Friday after work, Neal and I ventured down to Navy Yard to attend this month’s Truckeroo!  Truckeroo DC is a monthly event where local DC food trucks gather to feed the masses.  Located right next to Nationals Baseball Park, it’s a fantastic location for friends and families to gather.

Neal and Ashley

Truckeroo DC

The trucks are all parked inside the Half Street Fairgrounds.  You do not have to be 18+ to enter, but they do ID you at the gate in order to be able to purchase alcohol.  The grounds are 100% family friendly though.

Truckeroo DC

Neal and I first walked around to see all of the food trucks.  Some had lines, others had no line, and some had the craziest lines I’ve ever seen.

Truckeroo DC

Based on the line, Takorean was by far the most popular food truck.

Truckeroo DC

Neal and I both decided to get something different and then taste each others dinner.  Neal ordered a grilled cheese from The Big Cheese with pepper jack, jalapenos, and guacamole.

Truckeroo DC

I ordered the beef brisket Bonmi sandwich, which was AWESOME!! I love, love, loved my sandwich and would definitely get it again.

Truckeroo DC

For dessert, Neal was tempted to buy a popsicle but the watermelon mint was sold out when we returned to the truck.

Truckeroo DC

Instead he bought two scoops of strawberry shortcake ice cream from Sinplicity Ice Cream.

Truckeroo DC

We had a wonderful time at truckeroo and look forward to going again next month!

Truckeroo DC

This morning Neal and I went to the Rockville Farmers Market to pick up a few things.

Neal and Ashley


Aside from the iced coffee, we purchased some awesome produce and some beautiful flowers!


Farmers Market

I just fell in love with these flowers.  They were just so bright and beautiful!

Farmers Market

We also picked up gala apples, white peaches, onions, eggplant, and plums.

Farmers Market

These are the same plums that grew on our trees when I lived in Germany, so I loved buying them.

white peach

The peaches were also GORGEOUS!  This one was no joke the size of a soft ball.  It was huge!

Farmers Market

In the end we picked up plenty of produce for the week ahead and will just fill in the holes when we got to the grocery store tomorrow.

Farmers Market

After putting away our produce and setting up the flowers Neal and I headed out to run a few errands.  Unplanned, we stopped by a pet store and looked at a few puppies.  Neal and I definitely want to get a dog soon, so we loved being able to learn about the various breeds they had and to play with a few of the puppies.




Although we didn’t get a puppy today, we’re incredibly excited to get one when the timing is better.  I’m thinking after the holidays.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy every moment.


  1. Grace says

    Out of curiosity, how was the metro ride over to the Truckeroo event? Hopefully not half as crowded/crazy as it is to go to a Nationals game?

  2. says

    I’m Jealous of the Truckaroo event! I haven’t eaten at one before, but have seen so many good looking ones on the show Eat Street.

    I can’t wait til my boyfriend and I have a house so we can get a dog, I really want to rescue one :)

  3. says

    This looks like so much fun! I really wish there was something like this in RI. I really want to try something from one of those specialty grilled cheese places! They actually have one in the mall near me, but I haven’t been yet. I love grilled cheese, it’s about time somebody made a restaurant just for them, haha :)

  4. says

    That puppy is adorable!! As a huge huge advocate of dog rescue, you guys really should think about adoption instead of buying one from a store– there are so so many amazing dogs that get turned in– many are even housebroken and used to living in. A home so there is no puppy training! is amazing to look around on– we have 3 adult rescue dogs, they are amazing :) good luck on your pet journey!

  5. Charmaine says

    Rescue dogs are awesome- we adopted our dog from a local no-kill shelter and we are so in love! Neither of us really have the time to train a puppy, so adopting an adult dog was perfect for us. Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) in Northern VA, where we got our dog, is a great place to look.

  6. LC says

    Hey Ashley!

    I’ve been a lurker for a bit (loving your blog) – and I just also have to chime in on the puppy – please look into local shelters/rescues! You would not believe how many puppies/dogs need a forever home, and you can find just about any kind of breed you are looking for. I adopted from the local county pound and he is the best dog ever (true, I may be biased). Even my bf (who had dogs from a breeder) has commented that he is the most unique dog. Best of luck in the search!

  7. says

    Hey LC! Thank you for your advice. It means a lot to me. We’ll definitely be looking into adoption. I’m really, really hoping we’ll adopt a Westie!

  8. says

    I really appreciate y’alls advice in regards to adopting/rescuing a dog! I will definitely be doing more research! Makes me sad when I think of all the dogs without homes.

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