Weekend Getaway in Frederick MD

After a fantastic Saturday, Neal and I headed up to Lauren and Greg’s for a weekend getaway in Frederick MD.

Lauren and Ashley

We started the evening at Cacique (not to be confused with Lane Bryant’s bra section) for yummy Mexican/Spanish food.

Mexican Food

After dinner we headed down the street to Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant Volt for dessert.


I ordered a cappuccino, in an effort to take me back to my honeymoon for a few moments, and a luxurious dessert for Neal and I to share.  The dessert was reminiscent of a s’more with chocolate mousse, toasted house made marshmallow, and an amazing vanilla ice cream.  It was amazing.


Girl talk and a big old nalgene of water closed out a perfect evening and prepped me for the day ahead. It was so much fun being able to dine with Lauren and Greg and to stay over at their house last night.

This morning Lauren and I headed to the gym to do a Body Pump routine together and for Lauren’s 8AM spin class.

Body Pump


Lauren and Ashley

Afterwards we headed back to Lauren’s to clean up and grab a little breakfast before our next adventure.  Around 10:30AM, Lauren, Greg, Neal, and I met up with my friend Jessica and our blogger friend Beth and her friend Teegan for a hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Appalachian Trail Frederick MD

Neal and Ashley

Appalacian Trail


The hike up to the look out was steep but not crazy difficult.  You were ready for the flat path by the time we got to it.  The lookout however was well worth the up hill climb.

Bloggers Hiking

Bloggers Hiking


Neal and Ashley

After our hike we all headed over to Common Market for lunch.  I had a garbanzo bean salad and a sandwich made of 7 grain bread, grilled chicken, mustard, cheddar, and lots of veggies.

Garbanzo Salad

Common Market Sandwich

I also shopped around and found my FAVORITE Flavor and Fiber bars.  You can still get a 5 bar sample pack from Flavor & Fiber (you pick the flavors) for just $7.95 + free shipping as a Coffee Cake and Cardio reader.  These bars are awesome!

Flavor & Fiber Bar

I also found a new to me item, Vega Savi Seed Cocoa Kissed bites.  These treats were incredibly tasty and very high in Omega 3! A healthy and tasty treat!

Vega Savi Seed

This weekend was wonderful and although I could use another day just to be able to clean my apartment and to do laundry, it was so nice to get out of the house and to hang out with some wonderful friends!


  1. Ali says

    That looks like the most perfect weekend from start to finish. O.M.G. the dessert looks beyond amazing – I mean, that is taking s’mores to a whole new level, seriously! :)

  2. Katy says

    So jealous to have missed the outing – the hike looked like so much fun with everyone!! Glad you had a fun weekend!!!! :)

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