Fitness Friday – 4

This was just about the longest week EVER!  I feel like I went through Tuesday twice and Friday took about 8 days to arrive.  I am happy and grateful that it’s finally Friday… and Fitness Friday!  Despite it being a crazy long week, this week’s workouts went well.  None of my workouts were over the top, but I was happy to have worked out 4 of the 5 work days.

Monday – Body Revolution workout 1.  It was so fun going back to a workout 1.  I forgot how much I loved this dvd and was encouraged to see how easy it was for me.

Body Revolution Workout 1

Tuesday – off.  The day got away from me.  Neal and I “slept in” Tuesday morning, missing our AM workout and Tuesday night was cray cray.  Flip flopped my off day from Friday to Tuesday this week.

Wednesday – 2 mile run in my merrell barefoot shoes on the treadmill.  Although I wore these shoes all over Europe, this was my first time running in them.  I liked it!

Merrell Barefoot

Thursday – 25 minute outdoor run.  It was SO beautiful outside yesterday morning!  I loved the crisp air and running around the neighborhood for a bit.


Friday – 2 mile run

If you follow me on instagram (coffeecakeandcardio) you would have seen that I had a number of post work events this week… aka beer time.  Although I’m ending the week feeling good, I want to make sure I take advantage of the weekend ahead of me.

You see, it’s all about balance.  I may not have made the best decisions at happy hour this week, aka a huge plate of nachos Thursday night, but healthy breakfasts, moderate lunches, and consistent workouts helped to create a good balance even with a week of events.

This week’s eats have looked a little like this…

Breakfast – Smoothies!  I have been enjoying trying out all of the new protein powders I bought last weekend.

Cherry Smoothie

Lunch – Progresso soups, leftover eggplant, and Subway

Progresso Caldo de Pollo

Dinner – Turkey burgers, eggplant, and dinners out with friends.


All in all, a great week.  I am eager to take it up a notch though, so we’ll see what I can shake up next week.

What was your exercise and eats like this week?


  1. says

    I’ve ben trying some paleo recipes this week. So that was fun. Definitely not going that way 100%. I was pretty typical with my workouts although I didn’t get much running in. They were working on the treadmills at my gym the one day I was going to so I did stairs. I guess it evens out. :)

    • says

      I absolutely love them. I’m already looking at other colors and I definitely don’t need another pair. They were the only shoes I took to Europe (we were there for 16 days) and we walked everywhere. I honestly think they’re awesome.

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