What I Ate Wednesday: European Style

Our time in Europe this summer was to die for and a big part of that was all of the amazing food!


In each city, we always strove to eat authentic food while still watching our money and eating healthy foods.


Some of my favorite foods included…

Stamppot in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Food

Beer and potatoes in Wolsfeld Germany

German Food

Jaegerschnitzel with Mushroom Sauce in Bitburg Germany

German Food

Coffee and cappuccinos in just about every city and train I was in!


Lots and lots of glorious beer!

German Beer

Wienerschnitzel in Berlin Germany

German Food

And my favorite of them all… Currywurst in Wolsfeld.  Homemade by my Oma Heidi!


A big thank you to Jenn for hosting WIAW!  I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite European eats! I’ll have more to come in future honeymoon posts… you’ll love what we ate in Prague!!  You can also see some of my current eats here.

Happy Wednesday!

ps– Congratulations to Lauryn on winning my European Giveaway!


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