Weekly Plan October 1-7

American City Diner

This past weekend was everything I had been wanting in a weekend for some time now. It was the perfect mix of fitness, friends, family, football, and fun. That's a lot of F's! The weekend started with my weekly ballet class in Washington, DC. I love ballet! Can I just say that again? It is incredibly refreshing, while being a fantastic workout at the same time. After ballet I met Becky at . . . Continue Reading »

Dawson’s Market Rockville

Dawson's Market Rockville

Today Dawson's Market Rockville opened it's doors officially. Neal and I do most of our grocery shopping at Giant or Trader Joe's but I have been looking forward to this grocery store opening for some time.  I love grocery stores that provide more unique products, are focused on health and wellness, and that aren't big chain stores. When you walk into the store you are welcomed by . . . Continue Reading »

My Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Activities 1.  Go for a run in Rock Creek Park 2.  Pick apples and pumpkins 3.  Drive Skyline Drive 4.  Attend a Redskins game 5.  Have a true staycation with Neal In The Kitchen 6.  Use my new bread machine: making at least one sweet bread and one savory bread 7.  Try out one new recipe a week 8.  Test out some new chili recipes 9.  Bake cookies for others during the . . . Continue Reading »

Vegetarian Mexican Lasagna

photo 2

Living in Vermont impacted my life in many ways. Vermont taught me how to live a whole life, to care for the world around me, and to understand and wrap my arms around people no matter how different they are from me. My Aunt Danielle has also made a huge impact on my understanding of how my habits affect the world around me and how by living a greener life I can influence my future in a . . . Continue Reading »

Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Workout

Jumpsport Trampoline Workout

One of the many things I loved about Fitbloggin were all of the workouts we were able to try  out. Although CrossFit was not new to me, the fact that hundreds of men and women were given the opportunity to try out a WOD was pretty awesome! Saturday morning I laced up my shoes and headed downstairs for my first Jumpsport Fitness trampoline workout. I was convinced that I was going to bust . . . Continue Reading »


Brown Sugar Butternut Squash

I love squash!  Both this kind of squash... and this kind of squash... This weekend I went a little squash crazy at the grocery store and bought acorn squash, spaghetti squash, and pre-diced butternut squash.  My brain has been a little consumed with "fall foods" and when I saw all of those pretty maids sitting in a row in the squash bins, I just couldn't handle myself.  I've also be . . . Continue Reading »

2012 Scaleless Summer Results

Jumpsport Trampoline Fitness

The day is finally here!  It's time to weigh in and reveal my 2012 Scaleless Summer Results!  I'm pretty nervous but someone reminded me this weekend that I got married this summer, traveled across Europe for almost 3 weeks, and settled in as a newlywed. I did a lot this summer and went through a lot of transitions and am proud of the body I have today no matter what I weigh in at! On the first . . . Continue Reading »

Self Acceptance

Fast As Nike Shirt

Friday, the first full day of the Fitbloggin conference, started out with an early morning run with Lauren. In all honesty, I slept horrible that night (hard bed) and getting up for the run was really hard but Lauren was a great encouragement to me. It reminded me how important it is to have a partner and motivator in my life when I'm working to lose weight. Our run was a quick one (1.5 . . . Continue Reading »

Fitbloggin Day 1

McCormick Generation Fresh

Last Thursday was just about the best way to kick off my mini vacation and Fitbloggin getaway.  It started bright and early with a hike up in Frederick, Maryland with Lauren. Lauren took me on a killer, hilly hike which in the end covered roughly 4 miles.  The hike was a great workout and gave Lauren and I some time to talk before heading to Fitbloggin in Baltimore, M . . . Continue Reading »

Reebok Crossfit and an Oatmeal Giveaway

Ashley Reebok Crossfit

Good morning from Fitbloggin!  This morning kicked off with a run along the Inner Harbor of Baltimore with Lauren.  After a late night, it was tough to get up for a run but Lauren was such an encouragement.  The run was just what I needed to get the day going! Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for a Crossfit class by Reebok!  The coaches took the time to teach us each of the moves (air . . . Continue Reading »

The Crazy Commute Part 2

Metro Power Outage 9-19-12

One of the downsides of living in the Washington, DC area is the unpredictable traffic and the frequent crazy commutes.  Although I've experience many wild and frustrating commutes over the past 7 years last year I experienced my first crazy commute. And then there was yesterday... The crazy commute part 2. The day started out great.  A morning walk with the puppy, first time wearing my new s . . . Continue Reading »

Wolsfeld, Germany

Wolsfeld, Germany

After our honeymoon kickoff in Amsterdam Neal and I caught a train to Wolsfeld, Germany.  Wolsfeld is very dear to my heart as I lived there from ages 5-8.  As my father was in the Air Force we moved every 2-3 years but my time in Germany is something I have always treasured.  I know I was young, but I have so many memories from that time in my life and thankfully have been able to go back to vi . . . Continue Reading »

Scents of Fall

Cinnamon Apple Spice tea

I may sound like a broken record but I am thrilled that the crisp fall weather has arrived. The past week here in the DC area has been outstanding and although rain has rolled in for the day, high temperatures in the 70's brings joy to my heart! With the cool air comes a plethora of fall themed products. Each fall I anticipate the return of some of my favorites but am also eager to see all of . . . Continue Reading »

Taking Ballet as an Adult

Joy of Motion Adult Ballet

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, eagerly awaiting my departure for ballet!  The weather Saturday morning was just perfect, crisp and fresh with a slight breeze.  I knew the moment I stepped outside with Theodore at 6:30AM that it was going to be a great day.  After a few hours of work, I got cleaned up and dressed for ballet (crop cotton pants, and a comfy cotton shirt). You see, la . . . Continue Reading »

Lots of Eating Out

Bar Louie Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Do you ever look back over a week and think "MAN, I have eaten out a lot!"? That was last week. Going into last week I didn't think we'd be eating out that much but a bridal shower, date night, last minute lunch date, and dinner with family friends had me eating out more than I originally planned. Thursday I attended a bridal luncheon at La Forcetta in Washington, DC. The decor was so . . . Continue Reading »