September 2012 Goals

In August I…

Reminisced about my weight loss

Redecorated my master bedroom

Recapped my wedding reception

Became a mommy to Theodore

Realized how many TV show I have to watch this fall

Returned to my natural hair color

August Goals Revisited

Body Revolution Workout 1

1.  Get up with Neal at 6AM Monday-Friday and workout for 30-45 minutes (walk, run, bike, whatever). — Check, Check, Check!  Neal and I worked out butts off, getting up almost every morning at 6AM to workout.

2.  Take a gym class 2 times a week.  This is aside from my Wednesday night tap dance class. — My August 1 back injury didn’t help with this goal.  I went to tap, once, and took a few gym classes during the month (spin). 

3.  Create a meal plan and grocery list every week… and buy only what is on that grocery list. — Check, check!  I made a list each week and stuck to it.  It helped Neal and I in the end save money and stick to our meal plans.

4.  Research meeting with a nutritionist. — Check!  They are expensive!  In the end, I decided that I didn’t want to spend the $400+ on meeting with a nutritionist.

5.  Go to brunch. — Check!  Founding Farmers for the win

6.  Try one new thing.  – CROSSFIT!! It kicked my butt and I loved it!

September Goals

1.  Finish my Scaleless Summer!  Although I didn’t have a numerical goal for this year’s scaleless summer I secretly hope to be below 220 come September 21.

2.  Increase daily workouts by 5 minutes each week (30 minutes week 1, 35 minutes week 2, 40 minutes week, and 45 minutes week 4).

3.  Find a craft to work on (scrapbooking or knitting)

4.  Attend 1 fall event like apple picking.

5.  Try one new thing!!

6.  Finalize my budget

I’m feeling good so far this month!  In addition to the goals above I’m also working hard to limit my sweet intake (NO DESSERTS).  5 days in, I’m feeling pretty great.  My workouts on the other hand are all over the place.  I’m still reaching my Nike Fuel goal every day, thanks to Theo, but I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in the gym.  Lots of walks and puppy play time and at home workout dvds.

My key focus for this month is to be sensible and to slimdown, keywords my friend Jessica instilled in my head.  Together we are working hard to reach our goals and to have a Sensible September Slimdown!

What are your September goals?

Today’s Eats

Breakfast- 2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with 2 egg whites

Lunch- 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread and a spicy veggie patty, grapes, and yogurt

Dinner- Grilled chicken and a side salad

Exercise – 3 puppy walks and lots of running to entertain him.


  1. says

    Good luck on reaching your goals! I have two biggies for this month: to blog three times a week every week, and to get up to three miles on my walking.

  2. Tara says

    Hi Ashley! I just camea across your blog. Love your story, and look forward to ‘getting to know’ you!

    In July, I did something awesome. I set a daily workout goal for myself. Just made it up-
    20 squats (squat, grab weight, do front raise, squat & drop weight)
    20 one legged deadlifts w/15#
    12 overhead press w/15#
    I did this each morning and would always add something else- and also do cardio later in the day.
    I kicked this out in under 20 mins,so it was quick and easy.
    I NEED to do this again! I am in a bit of a workout rut. I think the change in the morning air is the reason.
    I am going to come up with another daily workout and start it tomorrow, thanks to your Sept list!
    *trying an Ultimate Bootcamp
    *joining friends on their Sunday ‘long’ runs
    *sign up for the fireman 10K in Oct!

    • says

      I love that you do a daily workout!! I think that’s fantastic and it sounds like you’ll love doing that again. Having that daily accomplishment must be very rewarding! Let me know what you decide to do :)

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