Lots of Eating Out

Do you ever look back over a week and think “MAN, I have eaten out a lot!”? That was last week. Going into last week I didn’t think we’d be eating out that much but a bridal shower, date night, last minute lunch date, and dinner with family friends had me eating out more than I originally planned.

Thursday I attended a bridal luncheon at La Forcetta in Washington, DC.

la forchetta dc

The decor was so unique, with accents of black and orange throughout the restaurant.  The chandeliers were just stunning!

la forchetta dc

To start, the waiter brought our table baskets of foccacia bread and plates of olive oil.

la forchetta dc

For lunch I ordered the marinara pizza which was not what I was expecting.  Lesson learned, there’s a big different between marinara pizza and margarita pizza.  My pizza had zero cheese on it, simply pizza crust, marinara sauce, and a little olive oil.  My friend’s really enjoyed their meals so I’m thinking I just picked the wrong thing.

la forchetta dc

Friday night, after a really long week, Neal and I decided a date night was in order.  We headed on down to Bar Louie, Neal’s new favorite spot!

Neal and Ashley

It was not a healthy night to say the least.  Neal ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich and I ordered the BLTT (Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and turkey).  After two New Belgium Red Hoptober I was pretty full so I only ate half of my sandwich.

Bar Louie Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Though it wasn’t the healthiest, I had an absolutely wonderful time with my husband!  A MUCH needed date night.

Bar Louie BLTT

Yesterday was full of LOTS of last minute errands so Neal and I swung by Panera around 1:30PM for lunch.

Panera Acai Tea

Along side this awesome glass of acai iced tea I had a pick 2 with a bowl of black bean soup and half of the bacon turkey bravo sandwich.  My favorites!


Then last night Neal and I took a very last minute trip up to Baltimore to see very dear friends of my family’s.  It was so fantastic spending the evening with them and the restaurant we went to was AMAZING!

Miguel's Baltimore

Miguel’s Cocina and Cantina is an upscale Mexican restaurant located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Miguel's Baltimore

The decor, focused on the day of the dead, is festive, cultural, and unique.

Miguel's Baltimore

To start, we were brought chips with two types of salsa and we ordered a small bowl of guacamole.

Miguel's Baltimore

To wash it all down I ordered a glass of Breckenridge Brewery’s Agave Wheat.

Miguel's Baltimore

For dinner, the 4 of us ordered a variety of different dinners and plates.

Miguel's Baltimore

My favorite dish was the huitlacoche quesadilla, made with huitlacoche (corn fungus).  It was DELICIOUS!!

I’m nervous that the past 4 days are going to set my diet back, but I just need to refocus and stick to my plan.  My scaleless summer ends in just 5 days and I am praying to see my body weight below 220 come Thursday!  To kick start my final week of my scaleless summer I’m going out for a 3 mile run.  Happy Sunday!


  1. says

    OMG! the food looks delish!!!!!! so does the beer! good to know you have been having a good week :-D a happy soul is equally important as a healthy body :D that’s what they have been teaching us in medschool. true story! enjoy! xx

    • says

      I love that Bella!! Thank you for sharing what you’re learning. It really helped to hear that. If you ever want to write a guest post, I’d love to have you!!!

  2. says

    Eating out can be wonderful- and man, you had some good stuff. But, I know that after I go through a time period of eating out “a lot” (like on vacation) there’s nothing I look forward to than being back in my own kitchen making my own meals!
    I know that I would love to someday be able to find that perfect balance where I didn’t have to feel like I needed to “get back on track” after vacation or whatever- that I’d be able to just make the best choices all the time. I definitely throw a lot of my “rules” out the window when I eat out, which is okay to a degree (but I have a habit of overdoing it and eating with reckless abandon).
    And I totally agree with what Bella said!

  3. Jennie Gift says

    I love Bar Louie… best place to get beer before a Caps game. Especially if they are still doing happy hour specials.

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