Wolsfeld, Germany

After our honeymoon kickoff in Amsterdam Neal and I caught a train to Wolsfeld, Germany.  Wolsfeld is very dear to my heart as I lived there from ages 5-8.  As my father was in the Air Force we moved every 2-3 years but my time in Germany is something I have always treasured.  I know I was young, but I have so many memories from that time in my life and thankfully have been able to go back to visit a few times.

Neal and Ashley

After a long train ride from Amsterdam we arrived in Bitburg, Germany, just down the road from Wolsfeld.


Taking Neal to the town I lived in as a child was truly a dream come true.  I just couldn’t wait to walk him through the town.  First stop, the house I lived in as a kid.

Wolsfeld, Germany

We then walked around the town.

Wolsfeld, Germany


Wolsfeld, Germany

Wolsfeld, Germany

Wolsfeld, Germany

Wolsfeld, Germany

Neal and Ashley

The best part of being in Wolsfeld though was being able to see my Oma and Opa!  Although they are not my grandparents by blood, Heidi and Walter are extremely dear to my heart and have played such an important role in my life.

Heidi and Walter

Heidi is also an amazing cook and baker and we thoroughly enjoyed eating all of her amazing meals!  My favorite dinner was the currywurst and all of the desserts!


German Cake

Strawberry Pudding

Biscoff Pudding

Bavarian Cake

I mean come on, how amazing are those cakes?

Heidi, Walter, and Ashley

Neal and I spent 4 days in Wolsfeld, Germany with day trips to Luxembourg City and Trier two of those days.

Being with Heidi and Walter again made a big impact on my life.  I loved the time they took each morning to have breakfast together, how much work Heidi puts into her house cleaning it each day, the garden that they both work so hard on, and their drive to love and experience life.

Our honeymoon was amazing and visiting Wolsfeld, Germany took it to yet another level.

Yesterday’s Eats

Breakfast – 2 eggs and homemade hashbrowns

Lunch – 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread, veggie burger, yogurt, and a honeycrisp apple

Dinner – 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes (pressed in the panini press)


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