The Crazy Commute Part 2

One of the downsides of living in the Washington, DC area is the unpredictable traffic and the frequent crazy commutes.  Although I’ve experience many wild and frustrating commutes over the past 7 years last year I experienced my first crazy commute. And then there was yesterday… The crazy commute part 2.

The day started out great.  A morning walk with the puppy, first time wearing my new sweater, and a great talk with my hubby on the way to the metro.  It was going to be a good day.


And then we got on the Washington Metro train (WMATA)… Neal and I caught our usual train, the 8:22AM.  At 8:30AM we started experiencing delays and waited to hear from the conductor as to what was going on.  Metro is well known for their apologies for inconveniencing people and today was no different.  “We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Metro is experiencing delays due to a train malfunction at NOMA” the conductor said.

At 8:43AM just a few seconds after leaving the Friendship Heights station our train went dark with only the emergency lights on over the door ways.  Slowly out train came to a complete stop.  3 minutes later the conductor announced that we had indeed lost power and that she would be leaving the front of the train to walk through the entire train.

As she walked through our cab she announced “I should have stayed home today”.

Metro Power Outage 9-19-12

At first people were quiet on the train but as the temperature rose people began to talk to one another.  I jumped into funny mode, laughing with an older lady (who was an absolute doll) that I’d give her a piggy back ride if we indeed needed to evacuate the train.

Metro Power Outage 9-19-12

As we started to talk to the people around us we found out that 3 of the people near us never ride the train but for various reasons had to take it in today.  Not the best day to take the train I guess.

At 9:30 AM, almost an hour after the power went off, DC police arrived on the scene.  The officer who came through our car was extremely informative and helpful.

After a few announcements about having to evacuate the train (9:50AM), power crews began testing the power before they sent 1000 people into the tunnel to walk to the next station.  At 9:53AM they began to test the electricity and at 9:54AM the power turned back on!

Metro Power Outage 9-19-12

To be honest, I was kinda looking forward to walking through the tunnel… an adventure if you will.  But the truth is, it was best that the power turned back on.  There were a lot of older people and I’m sure there were individuals who would not have found the walk in the tunnel fun.

At 10:03AM the train began moving and then at 10:09AM I exited the next station in my quest to get to work.

metro power outage 9-19-12

The next obstacle was the shuttle to work, which couldn’t get to the metro due to road closures… so it was time to walk the 1.5 miles.

metro power outage 9-19-12

I officially arrived at work at 10:43AM, exactly 2 hours after the power went out in the train.  Lets just say it was a crazy day with a crazy, crazy commute.  Thankfully I had dinner plans tonight with Becky and Abi which totally made my day.

For dinner I made the girls turkey tacos with all the fixins.

Turkey Tacos

Guacamole, refried beans, Chobani, salsa, jalapenos, and cheese.

Turkey Tacos

I also picked up a pack of these babies which was just what I needed after a long day.

Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

The rest of the evening was spent packing for Fitbloggin and snuggling with my puppy!

Fitbloggin 2012

12 week old westie

I am overjoyed to be leaving for Fitbloggin this morning!  I am meeting with Lauren from Oatmeal After Spinning bright and early at 6:45AM and then we’re going hiking before heading up to Baltimore.  I’ll be at the conference through Saturday but stay tuned, I have an amazing giveaway tomorrow!! You wont want to miss it.


  1. says

    Wow, that commute, I can’t even imagine! That’s so cool that everyone started talking to each other though, and laughing about the situation. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches! I agree, walking through the tunnel sounds like a fun adventure, but it’s probably best that the power came back on!

  2. Jillian says

    Lots of crazy commuting stories out there lately. My boss takes the VRE and was stuck on the train last night due to the “mysterious package” left on the train tracks which ended up being human body parts :( Then this morning, a girl stopped breathing/had a medical emergency on my train at L’Enfant Plaza. It was absolutely terrifying.

  3. says

    Oh DC commuting/traffic. It really gives you perspective when that is what you are comparing traffic to everywhere else. We have moved a lot in the past year and everywhere, people are like “oh no traffic on this road/that road at this time/that time is horrible.” I get all scared and am picturing 95 south at 4 on a friday. BAH! It’s laughable. You can really do traffic everywhere once you have done DC traffic for a few years.

    My worst fears:
    1. Getting stuck in a elevator
    2. Getting stuck in a tunnel on the metro
    3. Running a marathon

    You are tackling 2 of those. You go girl.

  4. Chrissy says

    You have a Westie in the city too!?!?!!?!? That is awesome. My Nahla is 9 weeks old and I snuggle with her all the time. I have yet to run into another Westie lover in the city. I hope I see you guys one day.

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