Reebok Crossfit and an Oatmeal Giveaway

Good morning from Fitbloggin!  This morning kicked off with a run along the Inner Harbor of Baltimore with Lauren.  After a late night, it was tough to get up for a run but Lauren was such an encouragement.  The run was just what I needed to get the day going!

Baltimore Inner Harbor Run

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for a Crossfit class by Reebok!  The coaches took the time to teach us each of the moves (air squats, push-ups, crunches, and burpees).  It was great having coaches to check my form and encourage me through the workouts, something you don’t get when you’re working out on your own.

Reebok Crossfit

For the workout we paired up with a partner and took turns doing the following:

-1 minute of air squats

-1 minute of crunches

-1 minute of burpees

–Repeat 2 times!

It was such a stellar workout!  Thank you Reebok for the awesome workout!

Ashley Reebok Crossfit

So lets take about oatmeal for a bit.  When I began to tackle losing weight back in 2007 oatmeal became a very important part of my diet.  Oatmeal was something hearty, something sweet, and something salty all in one bite!  I was so surprised to feel how full I was and to see how long I was satisfied.  Eating oatmeal for breakfast would keep me full from 7AM to 12PM which was far different from my satisfaction level with cold cereal.  Cold cereal would tie me over until about 10:30 which then caused me to want to snack before lunch.

Eating oatmeal helped me to save calories as I wasn’t eating extra food to fuel by body until it was lunch time  But what happens when you’re on the go or don’t have time to cook oatmeal on the stove top?  Enter Umpqua Oats

Umpqua Oats

These oatmeal cups come in 8 different flavors, taking on the go breakfast to a new level!

Umpqua Oats

Whether you’re looking for something salty or sweet, Umpqua Oats can fulfill any craving.  I mean look at some of these other flavors…

Umpqua Oats

Umpqua Oats

Umpqua Oats

Umpqua Oats

My favorite flavor so far is Mostly Sunny as it is just perfect for the fall.  The combination of apples, cranberries, and raisins makes me think of a crisp fall day and makes me feel so warm inside.  It’s just perfect!

Umpqua Oats

The directions are simple and will have you eating your oatmeal in just 2-3 short minutes.

Umpqua Oats

First I stirred the uncooked oatmeal and made sure everything was broken up in the cup.

Umpqua Oats

Next I added hot water to the cup and allowed it to steep for 3 minutes.

Umpqua Oats

These oats are extremely good and have come in handy many mornings when I’ve been on the go.

Umpqua Oats

So who wants to win a free variety case of Umpqua Oats?

To Enter the Umpqua Oats Giveaway simply:

  • Leave a comment on this post with one goal you have for this fall (Fitness, diet, or healthy living related).
  • Earn an extra entry by tweeting: “I want to win @coffeeckecardio’s @UmpquaOats Giveaway make sure to leave a second comment on this post with your tweet)

I’ll randomly pick a winner Monday morning (September 24, 2012). (Please note that you must live in the Continental United States to qualify).



I would like to congratulate Becca from Four Buggers on winning the Umpqua Oats giveaway!!

Oatmeal Giveaway

I also must say that y’all have some AWESOME goals for this fall.  I’m going to hold y’all to them just as you hold me to mine.  I may be checking in here and there to see how your goals are going this fall.  Remember, you can truly achieve what you work hard for and set your mind to.


  1. Tara says

    Hi, I have come across your blog recently and look forward to reading more!

    My goal this fall is training for 2 10K’s in Oct and completing them.
    (then hopefully having the drive to train for a half!)

  2. Jen says

    Love your blog!

    My goal this fall is to kick my eating back into gear! I’ve been doing very well with exercise but the eating has been poor. I need to get to the end of my weight loss journey – no more messing around!

  3. Therese says

    My fitness goal for this fall is to be able to complete 10 perfect push ups in a row without stopping. Two months ago I couldn’t complete even one and now I’m on my way.

  4. Lynette S. says

    My main fitness goal for this fall is to begin training for a powerlifting (push/pull) meet scheduled for early next year.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Hi! I just found your blog this week and I love it! One goal I have this fall is to run in the Annapolis Half marathon on December 1st! I just ran in my first race, a 10k, on Sunday and I’m so pumped to do more now!

  6. Stacie says

    Goal for fall? After suffering a broken foot this summer (and the only exercise I could do was swim), I’ve finally been given the ok to start running again :) I am SO excited and can’t wait to get fit again.

    Thanks for the giveaway! BTW…found you via Hope you gals are having a blast at the conference!

  7. Julie says

    That oatmeal looks awesome!

    My goal is to continue with the boot camp that is totally kicking my butt but sooooo worth it! :)

  8. Iris says

    My goal for this fall is to add more variety to my workouts! It’s going to be tough to do with a recovering ankle sprain, but I’m determined!

  9. Esther says

    My goal this fall is to try and schedule more time for me – I’ve been really busy lately, and it’s all fun things, but I don’t feel like I’ve had much time to just relax and read and reset mentally.

  10. says

    My goal for this Fall is to finish a half-marathon strong at the end of October. Last time I did a half-marathon I couldn’t walk afterwards due to a stress fracture, but this year my goal is to be injury free in training and during the race.

    After that I plan to do a 30 day yoga challenge through November :)

  11. Sarah L.J. says

    My fall goal is to stay active. I am pregnant with my first child and want to continue my 2-3 mile walks each night despite the cooler Iowa temps.

  12. says

    I really want to eat breakfast everyday. I am terrible at not eating to kick start my metabolism. So my goal is to eat SOMETHING for breakfast other than some coffee :)

  13. says

    Looks like Fitbloggin has been a blast so far! Healthy living goals for the Fall—stick to eating more naturally & finally give CrossFit a try by going to an official “box”! Thanks for a fun giveaway opportunity :)

  14. says

    I would love, love, love to try these oats. My latest goal is to start easing into clean eating and I do love my oatmeal. My fear is that I won’t be able to find yummy food. Where can we find these?? Pick me, pick me, pick me. :)

  15. Christa says

    My goal this fall is to go to the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week. Seems like an easy goal but sometimes it’s so hard to fit in a workout with such a busy work and social schedule.

  16. runnrjo says

    I have been running all summer, but not so good about getting in the weight room. So my goal this fall is to hit the weights and build some muscle!

  17. Jordan D says

    A goal for the fall is to learn how to eat to live, not live to eat. Easier said than done, but it’s already a work in progress!

  18. Christina Grace says

    My goal is to fit well in the clothes I bought for work that I am slowly “growing” out of. =/ Don’t want to keep gaining and buying stuff!

  19. Marie says

    My goal is to be able to be better at time management so I can get myself to the gym! I totally agree with your thoughts on oatmeal, as much as I love my cereal it doesn’t do much for me an hour later!

  20. Kayla says

    A goal for this fall is to try more yoga – it’s the perfect thing in between long runs and intense spin classes! (Love your blog by the way – I live in DC and I love being able to read about someone else who lives local and juggles healthy living and living in a city :))

  21. Kelly says

    My fitness goal for fall is getting back to a healthy weight (which actually means putting on a few pounds) and no longer comparing myself to others. :)

  22. Luanne says

    My biggest goal this fall is to finish the couch to 5K workout program I restarted 5 weeks ago. This time I will not let life, or an injury stop me!

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