Dawson’s Market Rockville

Today Dawson’s Market Rockville opened it’s doors officially.

Dawson's Market Rockville

Neal and I do most of our grocery shopping at Giant or Trader Joe’s but I have been looking forward to this grocery store opening for some time.  I love grocery stores that provide more unique products, are focused on health and wellness, and that aren’t big chain stores.

Dawson's Market Rockville

When you walk into the store you are welcomed by the produce and bulk bin sections.

Dawson's Market Rockville

Dawson's Market Rockville

Dawson's Market Rockville

The produce section has everything you need as well as a seasonal and unique fruits and vegetables.  Next to the produce section are the bulk bins including a bulk seasoning section.

Dawson's Market Rockville

As you move to the back of the store you find the Meat and Seafood section, which is small but has good variety.  All of the meat and seafood is packaged in store and sold packed.  It is not like many grocery stores in which you pick our your meat and then it’s weighed and packaged.  Here steps 2 and 3 are done in the early morning making it easy for the customer to just grab and go.

Dawson's Market Rockville

The center of the store in filled with all of your bulk items.  Protein bars, cereals, canned goods, toiletries, vitamins, supplements, etc..

Dawson's Market Rockville

The back of the store, next to the meat and seafood section, is the dairy section, frozen section, and meatless sections (which is filled with Lightlife products!!).

Dawson's Market Rockville

The biggest surprise was when I rounded the corner and was welcomed by beer and wine!  You see, in Maryland grocery stores can not sell beer and wine but because Dawson’s Market Rockville is a specialty store they are able to well beer and wine.  Woo Hoo!!

Dawson's Market Rockville

Dawson's Market Rockville

There is also a fantastic specialty cheese section, along with chilled wine.  I think a cheese party is in my future!

Dawson's Market Rockville

Dawson’s Market Rockville also has an awesome hot bar and salad bar.  I will definitely be having lunch/dinner dates here in the future.

Dawson's Market Rockville

Dawson's Market Rockville

Dawson’s Market also has a full bakery.  Cakes can be ordered here, with Vegan cakes being an option!

Dawson's Market Rockville

All in all, I thought the grocery store was fantastic!  I loved that it was smaller than Whole Foods but still had everything I was looking for.  The staff was incredibly helpful and welcoming, which honestly is quite different than when I’ve experienced elsewhere.    Remember to bring your own grocery bags (5 cents off per bag) and if you walk to the store you’ll get 25 cents off your purchase!

Dawson's Market Rockville

While there last night I found this AWESOME Virginia peanut butter.   It caught my eye and I knew that one of y’all would want a jar.  So let’s do a giveaway!!  Who wants to win a jar of Reginald’s Homemade Creamy All-Natural Applesin Peanut Butter in honor of Dawson’s Market’s grand opening???

To Enter the Dawson’s Market Giveaway simply:

  • Leave a comment on this post about what you look for in a grocery store.
  • Subscribe to Coffee Cake and Cardio (on the right hand side of my blog) and leave a comment saying you’ve subscribed
  • Earn an extra entry by tweeting: “I want to win @coffeeckecardio’s @DawsonsMarket Giveaway http://tinyurl.com/9b9vvax(Just make sure to leave an additional comment on this post with your tweet)

I’ll randomly pick a winner Monday morning (October 1, 2012). (Please note that you must live in the Continental United States to qualify).



I would like to congratulate Rae from Brocstar on winning the Dawson’s Market giveaway!! (two of the entries were removed making it out of 23)


  1. says

    Wow, so cool!! It seems like a great find! I definitely wish there were more independent grocery stores in my area…within walking distance of campus would be nice ;) It also seems pretty navigable, which is a plus; I hate getting lost! I’d love to be able to walk to a grocery store and know that I could have a variety of healthy products, and not just a shabbily-stocked single aisle shoved somewhere in the back. Another plus would be NOT spending my entire wallet buying organic or healthy food!!

  2. Kristen says

    I try to shop local as often as I can..love that we have a local ValuMarket within walking distance. In the local store, I’d like to see a section dedicated to locally made products so they are all in one place, rather than among the larger brands. Happy you have another place to shop!

  3. Lisa says

    That place looks wonderful…I love the bulk bins! I look for a mix of good selection & price. I also pay attention to the look, if it’s clean and well stocked it makes for a more enjoyable shopping trip!

  4. says

    The store looks amazing! I look for variety, fresh produce, and organic/local options at grocery stores. Whole Foods is a favorite, but it’s too expensive to make it the only place I shop! Sprouts (I think they only exist in Arizona, but I may be wrong) and Trader Joe’s are my more affordable options. :)

  5. penny says

    Ooh, I’m totally stopping by when I drive past rockville. I love hippie stores, especially if they have a loose leaf tea section. Or a bulk oil, honey and vinegar section.

  6. Carol B says

    I look for a place where I can find everything I need; however, that describes most grocery stores. So, they also have to have a great staff that is willing to help you out and that is friendly.

  7. ann says

    Since I am feeding a family of 4, value is the most important thing to me but also quality; its not worth it to spend money on something that isn’t worth the money. I also like my store to have most of what I need in 1 stop. I do the majority of my shopping at Trader Joe’s which I think is the best!

    Thanks Ashley!

  8. says

    I LOVE bulk bins in grocery stores. The cheap market around here (Winco) has the best bulk foods. They carry everything from forbidden rice to dog food to gummy bears.

    Side note: I can’t believe you can’t buy beer and wine at a grocery store! That would suck!

  9. Ttrockwood says

    What a great grocery store! I am always looking for bulk bins- especially bulk spices! Such a money saver… And i’m also always looking for vegetarian/vegan labels on store made foods

  10. Kalli Baird says

    I am following your blog now, thanks to Mama Laughlin…

    Am I entered in the drawing now? New to blog following, so not sure….

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