Weekly Plan October 1-7

This past weekend was everything I had been wanting in a weekend for some time now. It was the perfect mix of fitness, friends, family, football, and fun. That’s a lot of F’s!

The weekend started with my weekly ballet class in Washington, DC. I love ballet! Can I just say that again? It is incredibly refreshing, while being a fantastic workout at the same time.

After ballet I met Becky at her place and then we walked down Connecticut Ave. in search of a breakfast place. The American City Diner was a place we had both seen a few times but had never been to so we decided it was the perfect place to grab breakfast.

American City Diner

The coffee was really good, so I knew the food was going to be good.  I always worry about breakfast places with bad coffee…

American City Diner

For breakfast I ordered an egg beaters omelet with bacon and cheese with a side  of homefries and an english muffin.

American City Diner

Becky ordered corn beef hash, scrambled eggs, homefries, and an english muffin.

American City Diner

Both meals were very good and at a VERY reasonable price.  I must say though, our waitress Linda was just about the most adorable person I had ever met.  Linda has worked at the American City Diner for over 15 years and was just about the most helpful and giving waitress I’ve ever had.  I will definitely return and request to be sat in her section in the future!

American City Diner

Saturday afternoon Neal and I traveled out to Gainesville, Virginia for our friends Kristy and Travis’ son’s 1 year birthday party.  I wish I had taken a few photos because it was just about the most adorable party!

Homemade salads and Nationals baseball closed out our Saturday.  I went to bed pretty early (9:30PM) which was just what I needed… especially with a 5 mile run scheduled for Sunday morning.

Sunday morning I woke up at 7:30AM (that’s 10 hours of sleep people), had some coffee, balanced our checkbook, and then headed out for my run.

Since moving to Maryland I’ve been wanting to find a good trail to run on and today was that day!  Neal and I headed over to Rock Creek Park, one of its many entrances, and hit the trail.  We ran 2.5 miles towards DC and then the 2.5 miles back towards our car.  I ran on a 2:1 interval (2 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking) and finished the run in 59:28 (roughly a 12 minute pace).

Runner's World Half Marathon

The weekend was really perfect, but if I’m being honest, I ended the weekend feeling a little blah weight wise.  Now I haven’t weighed myself since my scaleless summer ended, but I’m just feeling really heavy these days (Flo’s on her way too).  I’ve eaten a lot more carbs than normal and I think that has something to do with it.

Moving into this week I want to make sure that I make the most of my workouts, stick to my eating plan, cut out desserts/extra sweets, and drink lots of water!  Here’s my weekly plan October 1-7.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Workout
Monday P28 bagel with light cream cheese Salad with veggie patty Butternut squash 25 minute run and weights
Tuesday Smoothie Salad with butternut squash Quesadillas Off
Wednesday Egg whites and Ezekiel Bread Salad with veggie patty Pork tenderloin and lentils 4 mile run
Thursday Smoothie Salad with pork tenderloin Salmon burgers x-train
Friday Egg whites and Ezekiel Bread Salad with veggie patty Pumpkin burgers (recipe coming soon) 35 min run
Saturday Toast with peanut butter and banana (fueling) Secret Workout!! (details coming 10/8)
Sunday 6 mile run with Becky

How was your weekend?? Stay tuned for a big giveaway Tueday!!! 


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    Great job getting that 5-miler in! Always feels good to check one off your list and training plan. And I know exactly what you mean by just “feeling” heavy certain days. Isn’t it crazy? Although in my case, I can pack on 4 lbs of water weight if I eat foods I’m allergic to, so I guess it is kind of a real thing. Oh well!

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