October 2012 Goals

October 2012 Goals

In September I…

Was invited to attend the Runners World Half Marathon and Festival

I started my 10K training

I started taking adult ballet

I attended Fitbloggin

I started thinking more about self acceptance

I lost 10 pounds since my honeymoon!

September Goals Revisited

1.  Finish my Scaleless Summer! – CHECK!! I was so happy with the results!

2.  Increase daily workouts by 5 minutes each week –  It didn’t work out like this but my workouts have increased as the month as gone on.  This past week I did 2 60 minute workouts.

3.  Find a craft to work on (scrapbooking or knitting) – Yeah no.  My hobby was taking care of my puppy.

4.  Attend 1 fall event like apple picking – Aside from hiking, I didn’t really attend a fall but I did fallify our house.

5.  Try one new thing!! – My favorite new thing was the Jumpsport Trampoline Workout!! It was SO much fun!

6.  Finalize my budget – Check!

October Goals

1.  Cut back on sweets!! I have found the most success in the weight loss when I’ve really limited my sugar intake.

2.  Drink at least 2 Nalgene water bottles a day

3.  Beat last year’s 10K time of 1 hour and 11 minutes at the Runner’s World race October 20

4.  Spend a good amount of time creating my 29 by 29 list and committing to those goals

5.  Knock a few things off my Fall Bucket List

What are your October Goals?  What goals can you make this month to reach your fall goals?


  1. says

    Your goals are great! You did a lot of fun stuff in September. A puppy is plenty enough as far as hobbies. :-)

    I can really only handle one goal at a time. My current goal is to get back to the weight it says on my drivers license (it was true at the time) OR fit comfortably into those clothes because that’s all I have. I’m sqeezed in like a sausage now. I think that will take longer than October so I guess just remaining consistent.

  2. LC says

    Your goals sound good! I’m hoping for a consistanty goal this Oct – I’ll be great with my eats for a week or two, and then blow it big time… My goal is to break this cycle this month!

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