Steps To Get Back On The Workout Train

I can proudly say that I am over the hump this week! One, it’s Thursday so I’m well on my way to the weekend.  And two, I worked out last night, ate a healthy dinner, got some great sleep, and am feeling much better today.  Success!

After yesterday’s post, some of y’all voiced feeling the exact same way… tired, stressed, unmotivated, and sometimes lazy.  So what helped me to turn things around?  What are my steps to get back on the workout train?


1.  For me, it’s a decision.  I decided Monday and Tuesday not to workout, so in the same way I had to decide to workout.  Making the decision is often the most difficult part.  You may be pissed off the whole time you’re working out (because you’re doing it) but I promise you that you wont be mad that you worked out in the end.  You will however continue to be in a funk if you don’t work out.

2.  Meet yourself where you’re at.  Last night I was not in a place to go outside and run 4 miles.  I just wasn’t.  I also was not in the mood to be around people at the gym.  So you know what, I met myself where I was at.  I got changed, popped in one of my gazillion workout dvds, and got to work.  I was in the comfort of my home and still got a great workout in.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

3.  Be proud of yourself!  You just worked out!! Was last night the most challenging workout I’ve ever done?? No, but I worked out.  Did I run 4 miles as planned?  No, but I worked out.  Be proud and happy that you worked out and remember that feeling so that you’ll repeat your workout tomorrow.


4.  Repeat what you do today tomorrow!  Don’t allow yourself to fall off the wagon again.  It can get too comfortable when you’re not working out, making it difficult to get back on the workout train.  Remember, even if it’s a 10, 15, or 20 minute workout you’re still working out!!  If you’ve been off the train for a while don’t force yourself to workout for 30-60 minutes.  Give yourself some time to ease back into it!

5.  Be patient.  Be proud. And give your body a chance to adjust and to change.  Don’t give up!! I promise that if you stick to your program or your plan that you’ll see changes in your body.  Yes, eating is a big part of seeing change but working out is a piece of that puzzle too.

6.  Follow your workout up with a healthy meal!  You just burned calories… don’t use it as an excuse to eat extra calories or to treat yourself!  Have a well balanced meal instead and meet the train moving down the tracks to a happy and healthy life!

Healthy Quesadilla


So these are my steps for jumping back on the workout train.  What helps you to get back on track?


  1. says

    Get it girl! I meant to go for a run yesterday but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been under the weather and opted for a family walk… It was definitely nice to get outside but it wasn’t the same feeling after a successful run!

  2. Laura says

    Thank you for writing this. I finished the Body Revolution a whie back and have not worked out since. I am disappointed in myself. I set my alram every morning to workout and lie there and watch dvr’d stuff. I confessed…SO i am telling you all tomorrow I will not lie there I will at least get up and go for a walk! Thanks so much I needed to confess. :)

  3. says

    I love your tips. I totally agree, one thing I do if I don’t feel like running I just give myself permission to walk. Never fails that once I’m going, I end up running…I just can’t help. I come home happy and so glad I workout out. I totally agree that if you’re not in the mood just pick something that feels doable for the day…love having my dvd’s on hand for crazy busy days or funk days. :) Jessica

  4. Cheri says

    I have certain days that I work out, that’s just part of my schedule, whether I feel like it or not. Also, a friend and I share a trainer once a week, and try to work out together the other times. But, sometimes you just need a break…..and that’s ok, as long as you get back into the routine again! :)

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