A Wine and Dine Weekend

This weekend started off pretty rough with the Nationals losing to the Cardinals Friday night. Thankfully the rest of the weekend made up for the heart break!!

Saturday morning I slept in until 8AM, which NEVER happens!  It was awesome!  After cleaning the apartment a bit Neal and I headed down to Gold’s Gym for a workout.  We both did cardio and then followed it up with a weight routine.  I did incline press, chest press, single leg squats, abs, and calves for a total body workout.

Saturday night Neal and I headed down to Clydes for a spontaneous date!

Neal and Ashley

For dinner I got the veggie burger and a side of fries.

Clydes Veggie Burger

And Neal had the lobster dinner. Fancy, fancy.

Clydes Lobster

The highlight of the weekend though was going to the Virginia wine country with Becky and Neal.

Virginia Wineries

Virginia Wineries

Before leaving for the trip, Becky and I headed over to Dawson’s Market for some bread and cheese.  We picked up 4 types of cheese, including applewood smoked cheddar and wensleydale with cranberries!

Dawson's Market

Our first stop on our winery adventure was Lost Creek Winery (our favorite!).

Lost Creek Winery

The tasting was fantastic.  They have a Christmas wine there that is to die for!! Sadly it wasn’t for sale today, but for anyone heading there I would highly recommend it.

Lost Creek Winery

Our second stop was Hidden Brook Winery.

Hidden Brook Winery

Next door to our first stop, the Hidden Brook Winery is owned by the son of Lost Creek’s former owner.

Hidden Brook Winery

Our third and final winery was Tarara Winery, just up the road from the first two.

Tarara Winery

Tarara Winery is much larger than the other two but honestly, I didn’t care for any of their wine.  It was a little odd seeing how packed the place was considering how much better the other two wineries were.

Tarara Winery

Still, the company was awesome and Becky and I had a wonderful time at our final tasting.

Tarara Winery

Although we were tempted to go to some of the other wineries in the area and/or the outlet malls in Leesburg, we decided to head back to Hidden Creek Winery for a glass of their mulled wine and to enjoy our cheese and bread from Dawson’s Market.

Wine and Cheese Dawson's Market

It was a perfect way to close out our winery tour.

Hidden Brook Winery

A huge thank you to Becky for driving us to the wineries and to Neal for driving Becky and I home.

Virginia Wineries

If you live in Washington, DC or in the surrounding area I highly recommend trying some of the Virginia wineries just an hour outside the beltway.  You wont regret it!


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! My husband and I went apple picking with another couple this weekend out west down 66 towards the mountains and it was bea-uuu-tiful :) Next we’re planning a wine tasting, I’ll def check out your links!

  2. says

    That looks so fun!! If you are ever in Gatlinburg they have a winery tour you can do and basically if you go to at least 3 and they stamp your card you get a free wine glass at your last stop and it says Rocky Top Winery Tour, its so cute! Sounds like you had fun!

  3. Jennie says

    HaHa! I have the flag at my house…. We have a voucher for Lost Creek. Looking forward to chcking out based on your review. I was completely bummed about the game on Friday night because my team lost and my husband’s won! I was there to cheer them on and I saw TEDDY win the race.

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