Runners World Weekend Kickoff

This has been such an amazing and impactful weekend for me.  I am beyond thankful to Runner’s World for the events opened to us and for all of the amazing men and women I was able to meet.

Runners World Half and Festival

Thursday night the bloggers headed over to Runner’s World Headquarters for a BBQ with the editors.  Oh, and when I say dinner with the editors I literally mean dinner with the editors.  We were greeted by David Wiley (Editor-in-Chief), Bart Yasso (Chief Running Officer), Tish Hamilton (Executive Editor), and all of the other amazing editors.

Ashley Coffee Cake and Cardio

After dinner, Bart Yasso took us on a tour of Runner’s World!  It was so neat seeing all of the magazine covers and how different the various magazine’s are world wide (check out Brazil…).

Runner's World Headquarters

Runner's World Headquarters

Runner's World Headquarters

After our tour we all headed back to our hotel and settled in for the evening as we had an early start the next day.  Our 7AM bus Friday morning took us down to the Runner’s World Festival at The Steel Stacks.  As I shared with y’all last week, I was really nervous about Friday’s events.

As it was pouring rain, Bart first took us on a tour of The Stacks and ArtsQuest.

Runners World Half Marathon

It was so neat hearing the history of the steel stacks from Bart and being able to learn about the facilities built on the property.

Runners World Festival

After the tour we headed into the town of Bethlehem, PA for our 3 mile shakeout run with Bart.  Bart said that our run would be easy and although in the end it was great, it was tough keeping up with a group of fast women.  It was in that moment that I remembered just how supportive runners are and knew that the ladies would stick by me.  I was able to run with a few bloggers including Carly (my room mate), Elena, Lynda, and Larisa.

Runners World Shakeout

We ended up running 3.83 miles, a little more than planned, but I felt awesome!  I had tackled my fear and enjoyed the run.

Runners World Festival

After our run we attended a few amazing presentations (which I’ll tell y’all more about later).  The best part of the morning though was seeing all of the bloggers freak out…

shalane flanagan

about meeting Shalane Flanagan!  Ok, I totally admit it, it was amazing being able to meet such an amazing woman, runner, and Olympian!

shalane flanagan

We were able to chit chat with her one on one and to ask her various questions.  I really enjoyed being able to hear her talk about her training partner, Kara Goucher, and how they find a balance between supporting one another and competing against one another.

shalane flanagan

Thursday and Friday were both amazing days and completely prepared me for the 10K I ran on Saturday! Can’t wait to tell y’all more…


  1. says

    Oh, my. It took me a minute to see what you were talking about with the Brazil cover.

    Sounds like an amazing time. And I think you ran pretty far in that time. I ran a few more minutes yesterday and only got to 3.11 miles. I hope I can get to your time one day soon.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. says

    Seriously, the best weekend ever. I miss it so much.
    Sometime soon, you & your husband should come out for dinner with me & boyfriend. :) I feel like there’s lots of sporty things that they can discuss. Perhaps Panera (totally kidding… but I did eat it for lunch today! lol).
    Hope to see you again soon!

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