Weekly Plan October 22-28

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a few weeks now.  Not that I have anything big going on but with the Runner’s World 10K behind me I can start to take more gym classes and increase my weight lifting (hopefully in preparation for football season… fingers crossed!).

Monday 30 minute run and weight lifting
Tuesday Spin class
Wednesday Boxing class
Thursday 30 minute run and weight lifting
Friday Off
Saturday Long run with Neal (5 or so miles)
Sunday Body Jam class

When I planned this week’s workouts my goal was to find a balance between running, taking classes, and lifting weights.  I am going to take one day off this week, Friday, which will help to prepare me for Neal’s and my long run on Sunday.

Altra Shoes

An amazing conversation with Robyn this weekend at the Runners World Festival got me thinking a lot about my weight loss, my goals, and my eating.  Robyn lost 90 pounds, NINETY POUNDS, and trained for a marathon all in 9 months.  I was so inspired by her story and by the advice she gave me.

This week I am focused on eating balanced meals, mixing protein, carbs, and produce.  I am also going to pay close attention to my portion sizes, measuring everything I eat.

Balanced Dinner

NEWS BREAK – I’ve also decided that I am going to start weighing myself again on Coffee Cake and Cardio each Tuesday.  My first weigh in will be on Tuesday, October 30 so stay tuned.

What are your goals for this week?


  1. Tara says

    Glad to hear you got some great motivation this weekend!

    My goals have shifted this week, since I have a few personal family responsibilities to take care of.
    I did my first 10K yesterday (went great, how was yours?!)
    and I have a 6.66 run on Sat.
    I HOPE to get a 3 mile run in one day this week as well as a tabata workout (if not more).
    I just purchased an online training session w/Tara @sweatlikeapig, and hope to prep for it this week and start next week!

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