Have You Lost Your Will and Ability to Dream?

I can’t tell y’all how happy I am to be writing y’all from my home this morning. The Federal Government closed today because of hurricane Sandy, which was the catalyst for several other closings like my employer and the Washington Metro Rail System.

Today I wanted to take some time to share about one of the most impactful moments of my time at the Runner’s World Half and Festival.  After my 10K run last Saturday and an afternoon at the hotel, I headed back to the festival with a number of bloggers for the keynote speaker.

Bart Yasso took some time to welcome the keynote speaker and to introduce us to his story.

Matt Long

Matt Long, “who survived a horrific collision with a bus while cycling to work during the 2005 transit strike — has gone from the brink of death to one of the world’s fittest men” (source).  Matt’s presentation began with a video sharing his story.  Matt beat the odds after a nearly fatal bus accident, recovered from his injuries, and began to dream again.

Matt Long

As Matt began his presentation he asked us the question, “Would you have the will?”.  The will to recover from an accident?  The will to recover?  The will to dream again?

Matt’s presentation was not about running but instead about what happens when running is taken away from you.  You see, many of us take for granted what we are currently able to do.  We stop ourselves even though we are full capable of dreaming big and moving towards those very dreams.  You see, we all have the will in us, but it’s about lighting the will that is within us… The big question is, Have you lost your will and ability to dream?

Step 1 is to dream.  Dream big!

Step 2 is to think about your dreams.  Some times we forget about our dreams or just don’t connect with the fact that they can become a reality.

Step 3 is to set goals.  Dreams become goals and if they aren’t becoming goals then you need to return to step 2.

Matt's Long Run

Matt encouraged us by saying that we all have to start by saying “I WILL”.  ” I will reach my goals”.  Sometimes we dream and don’t take it further than that.  Sometimes we dream and set goals but don’t work to reach our goals.  And sometimes we lose our will to accomplish all of these things.

Matt’s message was loud and clear and incredibly impactful! As he concluded his presentation Matt left us all with these words, “Say I will every morning.  No matter what it’s about!” — Matt Long, author of Matt’s Long Run.

Runners World Half Marathon

I am incredibly grateful for Matt’s message and the wisdom he imparted on all of the attendees.  His words made me think a lot about my dreams and my goals…

Have you lost your will and ability to dream?


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    I’ve been following your blog for a while but this is my first time commenting – definitely very inspiring and something I take to heart. Having run my first 10K yesterday and quit my job to pursue my dreams, its reassuring to hear that I’m doing okay! (PS: also a newbie DC blogger saying hi!)

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