2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Coffee Cake and Cardio 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

I absolutely loved putting together the 2011 holiday gift guide and have been itching to show y’all the 2012 holiday gift guide.  Enjoy!

1. Colorful Chevron Clutch by Crafts by Nesli

Colorful Chevron Clutch

2.  David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea

Davids Tea 24 days of tea

3.  Tidy Mighty Holiday Planning Organizers (10% off if you use the discount code: 10off at checkout)

Holiday Planning Organizer

4.  Crystal Stud Earrings by Iloniti

Crystal Stud Earrings

5.  The Word Nerd Studio Kitchen Aid Mixer Decals

Kitchen Aid Decals

6. Owl Pouch by Mama Bleu Designs

Owl Pouch

7.  Chef’s Planet Colander Measuring Cups

Measuring Colander

8.  Boot cuffs by Ania Melisa

Boot Cuffs

9.  Go Ginger by Origins

Go Ginger by Origins

10. L. Carlyn Purposeful Cards (2% of all card sales are donated to charity)

L. Carlyn Purposeful Cards

11.  Garmin 10

Garmin 10

12.  Essie Winter Collection

Winter Collection Essie

13.  The Cozy Project Tree Coffee Cup Cozy

Tree Coffee Cozy

What are you eyeballing this holiday season?


  1. Sara P. (www.fitcupcaker.blogspot.com says

    I LOVE all this stuff… I want to buy the neck warmer and the tea collection…maybe some other stuff too :)

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