Sports Conditioning and Late Night Eating

Starting in January, I will have football practice two week nights a week from 8PM-10PM.  In preparation for these late night workouts, I’ve moved all of my workouts to evenings.  Last night I took a new class at Gold’s Gym called Sports Conditioning at 7:45PM.

Sports Conditioning Class Gold's Gym Rockville

I threw on some of my favorite Reebok gear, including a shirt I bought at the Reebok Outlet in Iowa last week.

Reebok Workout Gear

The workout kicked my tail, but was EXACTLY what I needed in preparation for regular football season (and post Thanksgiving).  We did a lot of squats, jumping jacks, kickboxing, and abs.  I will definitely be taking this class again.

Sports Conditioning Class Gold's Gym Rockville

One thing that worries me about my 8PM workouts is my eating.  Usually I get home around 6PM and then have dinner some time between 6:30PM and 7:30PM.  Eating a full meal before football practice may not workout well, so I’m going to have to test a few things out.  Today when I got home from work at 6PM I made a small snack to tie me over until dinner post workout.  I enjoyed one of my favorite snacks, carrots and cottage cheese dip.

Fat Free Cottage Cheese

To make the dip you need a container of cottage cheese and a packet of dressing mix.

Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch

Next throw the cottage cheese and powdered mix into a food processor and blend until smooth.

Cottage Cheese Dip

It’s a filling and protein packed snack!  Perfect for pre-workout.

Cottage Cheese Dip

After my workout I made Neal and myself a salad.  I wanted a meal that was light, yet filling, and packed with nutrients.  On top of butter lettuce I added diced apple, pan seared chicken breast, and basalmic glaze.

Salad with Balsamic Glaze

I was really proud of how I handled my diet yesterday and for trying out a new class at the gym.  It was a great workout and a perfect day on Weight Watchers!  One more day until my weigh in!


  1. LC says

    That dip looks great – I made some for my lunch today with greek yogurt and ranch. I’ve been starting (this week) a night bootcamp and have been eating a protein/filling meal type bar (powerbar, luna, lara, etc)on my drive from work to the gym – I think it is really helping me not pig out so much when I finally get home.

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