Bad Habits Can Return

Lulu's San Antonio

Although I am grateful for the chance to visit my family here in Texas, it is extremely challenging being around habits I have worked so hard to break. Everything I have eaten while here has been my choice, don't get me wrong, but there have been more opportunities to make poor decisions than good decisions. You see, while growing up, my days were planned around food. I'd wake up and . . . Continue Reading »

Goodbye 2012

Neal and Ashley 2

2012 was a pretty unreal year for me.  Looking back on it, there were a lot of highs and some lows but it was a pretty rockin year! January I completed the Whole Living detox February I got the Nike Fuel Band I completed the Cystic Fibrosis Tower Climb March I took my Bridesmaids on a weekend getaway in DC (Thursday, Friday, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday, Saturday . . . Continue Reading »

Pump Up The Jam!

photo 5

Don't you just love the feeling you get when your new favorite song comes on the radio and you just can't help but move your body and dance to the beat? For me, music has been instrumental in my quest to lose weight!  It motivates me, pumps me up, and helps to pass the time during a difficult workout. My current jam/can't help but dance song is Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders!  It just makes m . . . Continue Reading »

Pizza and a Makeover

Lone Star Bock

The past two days in San Antonio, Texas have been wonderful. Thursday morning my sister and I headed up to the outlet malls to do a little shopping. We picked up some goodies at Bath and Body Works, Loft, Nike, and GAP. On our way home we did something I've been wanting to do for a few weeks. We headed over to the Starbucks Drive Through and upon paying for our drinks asked to pay for the car . . . Continue Reading »

Beat the Pre-New Years Blues

January 2013 Runner's World

Thanksgiving is done, Christmas and Hanukkah have past, and now we have to think about what we did/did not accomplish over the past year.  For some, the past year has been everything they wanted it to be, for others it has been ok, and the remainder are counting down the days to 2013. "According to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the average, self-reported success . . . Continue Reading »

Post Christmas Cleanse

The Happiness Project

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Neal and my family but it's time to get back on track. Last night I went to bed really early with the goal of getting some great sleep. After waking up I started the day off with cup of water and a cup of coffee. I also busted out the juicer and made myself some fresh juice. I juiced 2 granny smith apples, 2 oranges, 2 carrots, . . . Continue Reading »

A Texas Christmas

Christmas Stocking

Bright and early Monday morning Neal and I headed to the airport for our flight to Texas. I was in great need of a holiday in Texas, so I was incredibly thankful when Neal and I finalized our plans to be with my family this year. Last Christmas was quite a disaster, so I couldn't wait to get Texas this year. On Christmas Eve, my family has the tradition of making appetizers for dinner, watching . . . Continue Reading »

New Year, New Workouts

Jumpsport Trampoline Workout

It's that time of year! The time of year when we look to our futures and establish goals and resolutions for 2013. So how many of you want to get into better shape this year?  How many of you want to lose weight?  How many of you want to tackle something you haven't been able to tackle before? Well this can be your year!! This will be my year!! Sometimes it's hard to know where to s . . . Continue Reading »

Triple D Holiday Lunch

photo 2

Day 2 of vacation was a success!! I start the day out with a 30 minute workout on the Arc Trainer in my new Running Skirts long sleeve Cerise v-neck.  I am in love with this top.  I love the length, the fact that it has thumb holes, it's v-neck, and it has roll over hand warmers. After cleaning up, Neal and I headed to Annapolis, Maryland for lunch with my Aunt Danielle at Galway B . . . Continue Reading »

Secret Santa Get Together

Carrot hummus

I can not tell you how good it feels to be on Christmas vacation! Friday couldn't have arrived soon enough! Now Neal and I have two days to enjoy here at home before heading to see my family for Christmas. Yesterday after work I ran a few errands and was finally able to pick up the January 2013 issue of Runner's World. Back in October I ran a 10K at Runner's World's first half marathon . . . Continue Reading »

Weigh-In Week 9

Early Morning Workout

Buh Humbug! That's how I felt this morning when I stepped on the scale.  Was I blindsided by my weigh in?  No, but it still hurts to see the number on the scale go up from last week. Starting Weight: 234.6 lbs Last Weigh-in: 222.4 lbs This Weigh-in: 224.6 lbs Difference: +2.2 lbs Total Weight Loss: -10.0 lbs I attribute the gain to a few things: Not tracking my points every d . . . Continue Reading »

Giveaway: Gearing Up For the New Year

Reebok smoothflex Giveaway

Last month I had an amazing opportunity to visit Reebok Headquarters in Canton, MA.  Not only did I get to meet some amazing men and women and workout at Reebok Crossfit One but I was also introduced to more of Reebok's amazing products. I love how versatile the fitness gear is, with capri pants designed for Crossfit, to breathable tops for indoor/outdoor workouts, and jackets to keep you . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Rejuvenating the Soul

photo 1 (3)

The winter months here in Washington DC are grey and dreary... and I mean really grey. Many folks call it the permacloud because it seems to be grey from mid November to mid March with little to no sun. Over the years I've found a few things to help me through the winter months... Take new fitness classes!  Last year I joined a spin studio and this year I'm trying out new classes at Gold's . . . Continue Reading »

Be a True Fitness Partner

Reebok Fitness Partners

Since moving in together and getting married, Neal and I have had to learn how important it is to be a true fitness partner. I asked Neal what it means to be a fitness partner and what kind of support he needs to be successful and this was his response. "Being a fitness partner, to me, means we may not do the same exercises, but we motivate each other to get after it and improve every . . . Continue Reading »

Becoming a Juicer

photo 2

Last week Neal and I received our first Christmas present from my parents! I was overjoyed when we received it, especially because it was from Williams-Sonoma. The card on the package read "Ashley and Neal enjoy this gift on your continued healthy quest" making opening the gift even more exciting. My parents got us a Breville Juicer, which is something Neal and I have been eyeballing since . . . Continue Reading »