December 2012 Goals

December 2012 Goals

In November I…

Attended DC’s 5K Dance Party

Made heart healthy cookies For Santa

Made my Christmas Wishlist and my Fitness Wishlist

Did crossfit at Reebok Headquarters and worked out with Christy Phillips

Started rookie football practice

November Goals Revisited

1.  Track everything that I eat and log it into Weight Watchers online — I tracked everything until we traveled to Iowa for Thanksgiving

2.  Begin my weight lifting program — I have started lifting weights more regularly but won’t start my full blown program until after the Christmas holidays

3.  Take spin class once a week — Check!

4.  Create a holiday shopping plan and stay within our budget — Check!! Working on staying on budget but we have a great plan.

5.  Find a place to volunteer over the holidays — My sister and I are working on this.  We’re planning to volunteer in San Antonio over break.

December Goals

1.  Track everything I eat and log it into Weight Watchers online

2.  Workout at 4 times a week

3.  Do some sort of activity or workout with my sister every day we’re on vacation this month

4.  Choose my holiday eats and treats wisely.  I’m really looking forward to Christmas dinner with my family.

5. Meet my new Weight Watchers 360 goals in My Routines daily

weight watchers 360 goals

What is one goal you have for this month?


  1. says

    Great goals! I’m inspired to make my own list. :) I just discovered today that the WW site completely changed. I’m excited to find out more at my next meeting (I’m only 6 days in an LOVING it!).

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