Weekly Plan: December 3 – December 9

Last week was quite an odd week.  It started in Iowa, with lots of eating out and lots of relaxing.

Neal and Ashley

Turned around mid week with a refocus on Weight Watchers and my workouts.

Sports Conditioning Class Gold's Gym Rockville

And ended with me being sick and stuck in the house.  Not the ideal kind of week.


Still, I got an awesome workout in on Wednesday and worked hard to count all of my Weight Watchers points while home these past 4 days.

Moving into this week, I have created a plan which takes into account my Tuesday night plans with Becky and the 2 Christmas parties at work.  I really, really want to see a good number on the scale next Friday, so I will be working hard to stick to my plan and to track everything I eat.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Oatmeal with raisins Mexican lentils with ground turkey Leftover chicken enchiladas
Tuesday Egg sandwich Mexican lentils with ground turkey Dinner with Becky
Wednesday Oatmeal with raisins Mexican lentils with ground turkey Black bean burger
Thursday Egg sandwich Ham sandwich on Ezekiel bread Salad with salmon
Friday Oatmeal with raisins Ham sandwich on Ezekiel bread Homemade flat bread pizza

This is also a BIG week for me.  This coming weekend is Training Camp for the Washington DC Divas!  Next Saturday and Sunday at training camp we will go through 3 rigorous practices, lots of coaching, and the rookies will start to be assigned their positions.

I am incredibly excited (and a little scared) to attend training camp.  It makes playing professional football VERY real.  To prepare, I am going to workout 3 days this week, leading up to training camp.

Monday 30 minutes of cardio and weight lifting
Wednesday Sports Conditioning Class
Thursday 30 minutes of cardio and weight lifting
Saturday Football Training Camp
Sunday Football Training Camp

I hope y’all have a wonderful, wonderful Sunday!! Take some time today to create a plan for the week, even if it’s planning one meal or one workout.  Remember, you have the ability to shape the week ahead of you and to make it great!


  1. Laura @joyful shimmy says

    Inspiring! This week is kind of funky as I am getting a medical procedure done on Tuesday that requires liquids diet forthw next 24 hours I know fun times.

    Overall last week when it dames to the food it was pretty good as I tracked honestly every meal. Now it’s just go through it and then get back to normal. Looking forward to food shopping and getting back into the workout routine after this week.

    Congrats on training this coming weekend that is so awesome and inspiring!

  2. Jennie says

    I would love to check out the recipe for the Mexican lentils with ground turkey. Do you mind sharing it- sounds yummy!

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