Candles and Cake

After a traumatic Sunday, I went to bed Sunday night with every intention of waking up to workout before work, but sleep won.  For breakfast I made myself a breakfast sandwich with 2 slices of Ezekiel bread, 1 egg, 1 Morning Star sausage patty, and a slice of cheese.  A hearty and filling 9PP breakfast.

For lunch I tried out one of Progresso’s new soups, Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese, along side a butter lettuce salad (6PP lunch).  A very tasty soup, but I think I’d rather make homemade potato soup.

After work, Becky and I headed over to my place to pick up Neal for a surprise birthday evening.  First stop, Gaithersburg’s Winter Lights Festival.

gaithersburg winter lights festival

We turned on our Christmas music, put down the windows (61 degrees outside), and drove through 3.5 miles of Christmas lights.

gaithersburg winter lights festival

Next year we’re definitely going there to run their 5K!!! I mean come on, how fun would it be to run through this?

Gaithersburg Winter Lights Festival

After the Winter Lights we headed over to one of Neal’s favorite restaurants for dinner.

Dogfish Head Gaithersburg

We fell in love with Dogfish Head back when we lived in Falls Church and love that we’re just down the street from the one here.  To start, we ordered the crab dip.

Dogfish Head Gaithersburg

For dinner, Becky ordered the steak bomb sandwich, I ordered the salmon sandwich, and Neal ordered the jambalaya over pasta.  All of our dinners were SUPER tasty.

Dogfish Head Gaithersburg

After dinner we headed over to 16 handles (which I found to be appropriate for Neal’s birthday) for frozen yogurt.

16 Handles Gaithersburg

With our frozen yogurt in hand we all headed outside for a stroll around the shopping center.  Hard to believe it is December!

Neal's Birthday

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day and a birthday that Neal truly deserved, especially after Sunday.

Neal's Birthday

After a heavy dinner, I’m focusing on eating produce today, striving to limit carbs, and getting in a good workout!  Off to the gym… Happy Tuesday!


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    Sounds like a freaking awesome day. I didn’t know there was a 5k there- I would love to do that! I went there a few years ago (to drive through- in a car) but was with my friends who had a crying, screaming child the whole time- and as you know… you can’t really speed through there. :)
    I would like to have some Dogfish and fro-yo. Yes, please!

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