WIAW: Limited Carb Edition

Monday night I went to bed feeling a tab bloated.  I had eaten pretty well the previous three days, but after Neal’s birthday dinner I knew I needed a “detox”.

I started my Tuesday off with a 30 minute session on the Arc Trainer in my new Reebok SmoothFlex Run shoes.  When I want a killer indoor workout, without taking a class, I always turn to the Arc.  I was a hot sweaty mess afterwards and was ready to tackle the day.

Reebok SmoothFlex Run

My goal for the day was to limit bread and processed carbs.  I started the day with 1 egg, 3 egg whites, and 3 pieces of thin sliced ham.  It was a very filling breakfast and packed with protein.

Eggs and Ham

On my way to work I also picked up a plain coffee from Starbucks to go along with my Cranberry Raspberry sparkling water.

Cranberry Raspberry Clear Splash

I ate my lunch in two parts, starting off with a side salad with 2 pickle halves.

Pickles and Side Salad

Then I had a can of Progresso’s new Light Potato with Bacon and Cheese soup.

Progresso Light Potato with bacon and cheese

For dinner, I met up with a friend at Cafe Deluxe in Bethesda.  To start, I ordered a bowl of the roasted red pepper soup.

Cafe Deluxe Roasted Red Pepper Soup

For dinner I ordered the Greek salad with steak.  It was a tad salty but overall it was really tasty and filling.

Cafe Deluxe Greek Salad with Steak

I couldn’t leave Bethesda without stopping by Georgetown Cupcake to pick up some sweets for my sweet.  Especially after the weekend he had, I though not one but four cupcakes is what he needed.

Georgetown Cupcake holiday cupcakes

Yes, I can be a tab overindulgent but my baby deserved these cupcakes.  I mean come on, how can you say no to that face?

Neal and Ashley

Today I’m feeling great, which is a direct result of how I ate yesterday (WIAW).

What foods leave you feeling great?


  1. Elizabeth says

    I just moved to the Bethesda area, and Georgetown Cupcake is one of my favorite places so far! My husband and I go and we can never make up our minds, so we end up getting too many. They freeze well!

  2. says

    Those cupcakes are adorable! I LOVE cupcakes, but rarely ever eat them (I admire from a distance). lol I think going lower (unprocessed) carbs is really the way to go (well, it was at least for me). I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet (low carb, moderate protein, high fat) & it leaves me feeling very satisfied & good, plus I’m losing some weight. I’m also reading the book Wheat Belly… very interesting. ;)

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