A Social Saturday

Yesterday turned out to be an absolutely fabulous Saturday. The day started out with an 8AM run to Magruders for produce. A little birdie told me that this grocery store had fantastic produce at half the cost of Giant so I had to try it out. I was pretty pleased with the produce but loved how cheap it was.

After breakfast with my hubby, Neal and I decided to take Theo to a dog park for the first time. I will admit that I was a little nervous at first but seeing Theo play with dogs of all sizes without fear made me so happy. He did incredibly well so we will definitely be returning to the dog park soon.

At 2PM I met with with a group of Virginia bloggers at Northside Social in Arlington, VA.

Northside Social Arlington

Northside Social is such a great place to meet up with friends and to enjoy a wicked good cup of coffee.  I love the foam art they do there and how smooth the coffee is.  Although I didn’t try any, they also have a variety of pastries and a large menu (cheese platters, salads, etc.).

Northside Social Arlington

To drink, I ordered a small skim vanilla latte.  Enjoying a cup of coffee while catching up with old friends and new ones is one of my favorite things.  I loved meeting all the ladies including Coco, Ethel, Rana, and Liz.

Northside Social Arlington

After the meetup, Neal and I headed over to the movie theater to see Silver Lining Playbook with Becky.

photo 3

What blew my mind though were the chairs in this theater.  When you bought your ticket you got to reserve a seat, which is amazing on many levels.  When we walked into the theater we saw that each set was a leather recliner (A-MAZING).  My mind was literally blown!  Watching the movie from the comfort of a recliner was amazing.  On top of that, the movie was outstanding!  I highly recommend it!

Leather Recliner Movie Theater

I spent the rest of the evening prepping for the week ahead, creating a meal plan, writing out my grocery list, and planning out my workouts.

It was a perfect Saturday and thankfully just day 1 of the weekend!

What’s the last great movie you’ve seen?


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