Becoming a Juicer

Last week Neal and I received our first Christmas present from my parents! I was overjoyed when we received it, especially because it was from Williams-Sonoma. The card on the package read “Ashley and Neal enjoy this gift on your continued healthy quest” making opening the gift even more exciting.

Williams Sonoma Christmas Wrapping

My parents got us a Breville Juicer, which is something Neal and I have been eyeballing since we got engaged.

Breville Juicer

First thing Saturday morning I ran to the grocery store to buy a handful of produce. I picked up carrots, pineapples, apples, pears, oranges, persimmons, lemons, limes, and fresh ginger.

photo 1

Next I cracked open The Juicing Bible to see what juices I could make.  Obviously I could just create my own but I thought to start I’d get ideas for juicing books.

The Juicing Bible

For my first juice I decided to make pineapple, apple, pear, and cantaloupe juice.

apple pear pineapple juice

Assembling the Breville Juicer was easy and with the flick of a switch it was time to start juicing.  Each fruit produces a different amount of juice, so it was interesting to see what fruit would yield the most.

Breville Juicer

1 baby pineapple, 1 cup of cantaloupe, 2 pears, and 1 apple made 2 full glasses of juice.

photo 2

Neal and I absolutely loved our first juice and are pumped to make more this week!

Breville Juicer

I had heard a lot of people complain about cleanup, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad.  It does take some time, so I do think I’ll have to plan out my juicing that way I can clean everything up right away.  It doesn’t look like juicing on the go will not be in my future.

Breville Juicer Cleaning

This week I’m focusing on eating lots of produce before Neal and I head to Texas for Christmas.  I have a lot of produce to use up so I am going to enjoy juice everyday and will be having salads at least once a day.  My goal this week is to stay away from sweets as I know the temptations are going to be everywhere as we approach Christmas.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Workout
Monday Homemade juice Salad with ham Panera with Becky Arc trainer and weight lifting
Tuesday Homemade juice Work lunch Holiday party Elliptical and running
Wednesday Homemade juice Homemade juice Salad with ham Sports conditioning class
Thursday Homemade juice Homemade juice Salad with grilled chicken
Friday Homemade juice Homemade juice Salad with grilled chicken Arc trainer and weight lifting
Saturday Homemade juice Lunch with Friends Kitchen clean out (make something out of what we have) Elliptical and running
Sunday Homemade juice Lunch with Friends Kitchen clean out (make something out of what we have)

I will also be taking snacks to work, including hard boiled eggs, fruit, veggies, and oatmeal. I am going to eat snacks as needed.

It’s not a traditional week, but I feel that I need a little detox before going into my trip to Texas.

Have you ever juiced before?


  1. says

    My hubby and I did juicing last year. It is great for fresh juice and a healthy choice…it was something fun to experiment with as well and let the kiddos get in on. It is however, not for the busy. I am hoping to try and do more in the future once our schedules slow down some…but only time will tell. Good luck! What a GREAT gift!

  2. says

    Your juice sounds delicious! We don’t have a juicer, but I’ve been contemplating making some in our food processor and straining it. Enjoy your time in Tx! We live in Tx now and head to the northeast for holidays.

    • says

      I really like the book. I actually bought it a few months ago, in hopes that I’d get a juicer eventually. It tells you about each fruit and veggie, how to prep it and how it benefits your body. Tons of recipes too.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Juicing is a good way to get more produce into your diet, but from the looks of it-you’re not getting enough protein throughout the day. You are going to crash and burn during your workouts if you’re only fueling yourself with simple carbohydrates and a salad with ham or grilled chicken.

  4. says

    i have the same juicer and love it! a little tip i have for you is to put a plastic grocery bag in the bucket where the rinds, skins, etc. come out – that way you can just take the bag out and toss it away rather than wash it!

  5. says

    My parents gave me the same juicer for my b-day this year… and I am embarrassed to say it is still in the box! (My bday is in July… ahem…) But not because it was a gift I didn’t want — I’ve just been overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start with juice recipes and how much to make at one time, etc. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you handle it and incorporate into your week as I will admit the clean up does also intimidate me a bit. Hooray for another fun reason for me to pick up inspiration from your blog! Happy holidays!!

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