Be a True Fitness Partner

Since moving in together and getting married, Neal and I have had to learn how important it is to be a true fitness partner.

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I asked Neal what it means to be a fitness partner and what kind of support he needs to be successful and this was his response.

“Being a fitness partner, to me, means we may not do the same exercises, but we motivate each other to get after it and improve every workout.  Occasionally we can do the same exercises, but even then, we don’t need to have the same abilities (with you and me, that means us running together with me a bit faster or us lifting weights with you lifting heavier ones).  But it’s about both of us enjoying doing what we do separately but together.

The main support I need to be successful in my fitness is someone who will help me get to the gym when I’m not feeling up for it, and vice versa!  So many things can put fitness on the back burner, but a fitness support partner, to me, is someone who helps me keep exercising as a priority in my daily schedule.”

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For me, I need my fitness partner to be passionate about their goal and to support me with mine.  That could mean going with me to the gym or it could mean making sure that I get to the gym.  I think Neal and I would both agree that we could support each other more, but I truly do appreciate the support he has given me and the support I’m able to provide him.

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Getting up early to workout before work is one way that Neal and I support each other.  Yesterday morning I tackled the Arc trainer while Neal busted out few miles on the treadmill (in his new Reebok gear I might add!).

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It’s great going to bed knowing that you’ll both wake up early to get a good workout in.  It’s not something we do every morning together, but I know we both want to move towards that common goal.

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Neal and I have both been talking about our fitness goals and what it’ll take for us to reach those goals.

Neal’s Goals

  • Get in shape to run a half marathon
  • Increase upper body strength
  • Become more comfortable using free weights

Ashley’s Goals

  • Follow my new weight lifting program, increasing maxes each month as I move into football season
  • Give my all at football practices (3 times a week)
  • Do cardio 2 times a week outside of football practice

juicing after workout

Neal has also been incredibly supportive of me being on Weight Watchers and starting to juice.  In my opinion, having a partner or someone in your corner is key if you want to reach your goals!

What do you look for in a fitness partner?


  1. says

    This is such an important thing for couples who work out together to talk about! My boyfriend is a huge source of motivation for me, which I love. And I’m there to remind him that it’s important to take a day OFF from the gym every now and again. It works :)

  2. says

    Love this post! I recently moved in with my boyfriend and while we don’t workout together he respects that I get up at the butt crack to go to the gym. If he didn’t, we would have an issue. I hope someday we get to where we get in the routine together. Kudo’s to you & Neal!

  3. says

    Awesome post…way to be in it for each other…that is really important because if you dont have that workout partner it is way easier just to stay in bed!

  4. says

    My husband went to yoga this morning with me! We’ve been working out a lot together lately and I love it. He used to intimidate me but now that I’m in better shape I can almost keep up with him. I’ve worked out with a lot of friends and honestly they just distract me. I need someone as focused as me. Most of them just want to chit chat.

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