Future Travels

Portland Oregan

I truly love to travel, always have. There's just something about taking time off, packing a bag, and living a different life for a couple of days. Over the past two years Neal and I have done our fair share of traveling.  Though a number of little trips, minus our European honeymoon, it's fun to look back on all of the places we have been. 2012 San Antonio, Texas December 2012: Christmas . . . Continue Reading »

Day In The Life: Buffalo Chicken Soup

Buffalo Chicken Soup

This week has been rather busy, but it is going really well diet wise.  I've tracked both days, have worked out both days, and have stuck to my plan to have a larger lunches and a smaller dinners.  Here's a peek at my Tuesday... 7:00AM - Alarm goes off... and I proceed to hit the snooze two times. 7:30AM - I am startled out of bed by Theodore's squeaky toy and head straight to the shower. A . . . Continue Reading »

Flipping My Diet

Healthy Cheeseburger Wrap

Late last week I talked to a friend of mine who is a bodybuilder about my weight loss and the plateau I've faced over the past 2 years. My friend challenged me to track my eats through My Fitness Pal for a few days, that way he could look over my calorie, protein, carb, and fat intake. Knowing that he'd be reviewing my eats made me think a LOT about what I was actually eating and how much I was . . . Continue Reading »

Foods I’m Loving: January 2013

Sleepytime Vanilla

I like food. Actually, I love it. Neal and I were talking the other day about how I need variety in my diet, while Neal on the other hand is fine having the same exact thing day in and day out. I find that when I get bored with what I'm eating I go on a quest to find something that'll satisfy my cravings, and sometimes that doesn't end well. Since I know I need variety, I try to keep my eyes . . . Continue Reading »

My Closet


I love, love, love to organize and to clean things out.  I feel like I'm always organizing closets these days, so I thought I'd walk y'all through my bedroom closet (at least my half). On the far left side of my closet I have a caddy from IKEA that holds my PJ's, long socks and extra accessories. On the top rack I have two storage bins, which hold my summer clothes (mainly dresses).  . . . Continue Reading »

Recipes I’ve Been Dying To Try

Buffalo Chicken Soup

This week I'm going to take a different approach to my meal planning.  You see, in the past I've planned out various dinners and then have been at some what of a loss as to what to take for lunch. I end up taking a salad or canned soup, which is very healthy, but doesn't satisfy me for the whole work day. Instead I'm going to cook a few meals this weekend, which I'll pack up for this week's . . . Continue Reading »

A Hot and Cold Week

FitFluential Ambassador

This week was all over the place... a hot and cold week if you will.  Even now I struggle to put into words how I've felt, how I'm feeling, and how I want to feel. There were a lot of highlights this week including moving into a new apartment, getting a new computer, catching up with a dear friend, and physically enduring another week of football practice.  On the flip side I didn't track e . . . Continue Reading »

Chef’s Pick!

Lean Cuisine Chef's Pick

Meal planning is something that has helped me not only with my diet but also with my budget. Planning out breakfast and dinner always seems to come easy but planning out my lunches is always a challenge. I love salads, don't get me wrong, but some weeks they just bore me.  Other weeks, like this week, making my lunch is the last thing on my mind at 8AM when I'm running out the door. Knowing . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Spinach and Mushroom Alfredo

Spinach and Mushroom Alfredo Ingredients

One of the first things I had to learn after deciding to lose weight was what my no-no foods were! One of the things on that list was chicken alfredo. Most restaurant chicken alfredo dishes rack in at over 1000 calories a serving. ONE THOUSAND CALORIES!! I quickly decided that giving up high calories dishes like that was key in my weight loss but in time I got smart and I realized that simple . . . Continue Reading »

Moving On Up…Or Downstairs In This Case

New Apartment

This past weekend Neal and I moved from one apartment in our complex to another one. Why did we move just 6 months after moving into our first one?? Well, it's cheaper. It is MUCH cheaper to rent between November and February verses the peak months of May-August. I knew last May that I'd want to see what was available in the winter months and was sold when I found out we'd be saying $250 a . . . Continue Reading »

Weekly Plan: January 21 – 27

Nike Fuel Band 7000

It was great to finally see a loss on the scale last week!  As I move into this week, my goals are to... Track everything No grains, breads, or complex carbs after lunch (recommended by my friend Katy) Push myself in my workouts Study, study, study my football playbook (practices are getting intense) I did not track any points this past weekend but am actually feeling really great . . . Continue Reading »

What Y’all Had To Say

starbucks before moving

Helllllo!!! I am alive and well!  Neal and I are moving apartments this weekend so we've been busy busy!  Our official move out day is Monday but our complex gave us our keys Saturday afternoon so we have taken advantage of the extra day and a half. The move has been going really well (easiest we've ever had together actually).  I know most people hate moving, but I actually enjoy it.  It's . . . Continue Reading »

Weigh-in: Bobby Flay Fit

Ashley Coffee Cake and Cardio

It's no secret, at least not to me, that my husband has a man crush on Bobby Flay.  This love affair has resulted in us watching all of his shows and me following him on twitter and instagram. This past week I began to see a lot of #BobbyFlayFit hashtags, which instantly opened up a full fledged investigation. Bobby Flay Fit is the first ever fitness program on Food Network.  It is a s . . . Continue Reading »

Theodore’s Big Day

Westie Puppy

It's hard to believe that our westie puppy Theodore is almost 7 months old now! It feels like only yesterday we were "just looking" at puppies and decided to bring him home. Neal's and my plan after getting married was to wait to have children, including pets.  Three weeks after our honeymoon though I got the itch and insisted that we just start looking at puppies. The moment . . . Continue Reading »

WIAW: Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

Creamy Chicken Enchaladas

Creamy chicken enchiladas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes. There's just something magical about a tortilla being filled with a delicious chicken and cheese mixture and and then topped with a creamy white sauce. What I don't like however are the calories! Determined to find a healthier way to enjoy one of my favorite dishes, I turned to lighter ingredients, Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened . . . Continue Reading »