How to Keep Your Resolutions

Creating new years resolutions can be an incredibly exciting and scary thing all at the same time.  You may have something on your list that you’ve always wanted to tackle and want this to be the year, but the bigger question you need to ask yourself is how to keep your resolutions.

How to Keep Your Resolutions

1.  Take your resolution one day at a time

– This can go two ways.  On one hand you need to focus on the day at hand and not look too far into the future.  On the other hand, if you have a bad day you need to realize it’s just one day and you have many more ahead of you.  Taking things one day at a time will help keep you from getting discouraged.

2.  Keep you resolutions somewhere you can see them

– Seeing is believing.  By writing down your resolutions and placing them somewhere you will see daily, it’ll help you to keep your resolutions fresh in your mind.  If you lose sight of your resolutions you will not be successful with them.

3.  Break your resolutions into something that is a manageable

– Looking at a year’s worth of revolutions can be overwhelming.  Just as you need to take it one day at a time, you’ll also benefit from breaking down your resolutions into monthly goals.  If your resolution is to workout more, create a monthly goal and then break it down into weekly goals.

4.  Don’t go cold turkey

– DON’T GO COLD TURKEY!!  If you’re trying to break the habit of eating out every day, it may be challenging to go without eating out at all without binging.  Instead start by only eating out once a week and when you do make healthy choices. Then start to ween yourself from eating out all together.  Working out can be the same way.  If you’ve never run before, don’t go out for a 5 mile run on day one.  Take it step by step and day by day.  Finding a running plan or program can help you to achieve your goal.

5.  Have people you trust keep you accountable

– It can be hard to do it alone.  Being able to share resolutions with someone you trust can help you to keep your resolutions.  My biggest piece of advice though is to tell the person what you’ll need from them.  If your resolution is to not eat dessert and they see you eating a bowl of ice cream, do you want them to say something or just let you be?  It can cause fights/issues if you’re not on the same page as to the kind of support you need.


No matter how your resolutions are going so far, do not lose hope in your ability to reach your goals.  We are human and we make mistakes but we also have the ability to learn from our mistakes and to make great changes.

You can do this.  I can do this.

What helps you to keep your resolutions? or what will help you to keep your resolutions?


  1. says

    Great post!! My husband & I made resolutions together this year! Our first to tackle is replacing one meal with a Green smoothie…starting TODAY!!

  2. says

    I think for me, checking in with myself keeps me accountable. I completely agree with all of your tips… But I am breaking one of them. I decided to go cold turkey with quitting sugar. It’s only for two weeks, though, so hopefully I can manage!

  3. says

    For me it is definitely pushing through until my resolution becomes a habit – typically about 6-8 weeks for me. In addition to continuing to stick with CrossFit (even though it is SO hard for me!), I really want to start saving more money. I know I just have to focus and limit my time in retailers over the next few weeks to make it a habit. Plus, when I think about the new car or house or vacation that I am saving for it makes it a whole lot easier!

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    So glad you included “keep your resolutions where you can see them” lol I have to do this with everything. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist so I write a lot of notes to myself. I also keep healthy food out on the counter so I don’t forget to choose those first.

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    Great tips. I think why people fail at resolutions is two reasons:
    1) They aren’t specific enough and 2) the goals are huge and overwhelming.

    For example, I needed to lose 100 pounds but that number was super scary and big to me. So I set my mind to 25, then 50, then 75. It was easier to manage. Also, I set specific goals with dates. I wanted to lose 50 pounds before my brother’s wedding and that gave me 10 months to do so. Having a date kept me on track!

  6. says

    Great suggestions. I have found that I never succeed with resolutions when I make them too lofty – I try to keep them within reach but still manageable. Like focusing on eating more clean. ;) Then shifting my families eating (slowly) to more clean eating too.

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