Frustrated and Discouraged With My Weight Loss

This has been a very emotional week for me in regards to my weight loss.  I have been truly frustrated and discouraged with my weight loss.

When I returned from vacation last Thursday I felt gross and I knew that I had gain a lot of weight while in Texas.  Though I didn’t have a full out binge fest while in Texas, I did eat foods well outside of my current diet and indulged in comfort foods way too often.

Stepping on the scale last Friday morning I was just mad!  Mad at myself for allowing the foods in Texas to take over and to lose focus on what I really want, to lose body fat and to be fit.

I knew I had to get back on track right away so I created meal plans for the upcoming week, thought through what I’d want for breakfast and lunch, and headed to the grocery store Saturday morning.  I felt good about my plan, felt great about being back in DC, and knew that the start of football pre-season was on the horizon.

Although I didn’t workout Friday-Sunday, I felt good going into the work week as I had eaten well over the weekend.  Monday I woke up early with Neal to lift weights, ate well through the day, tracked my points, and had an awesome first football practice that night.

Well then Tuesday morning arrived.  I woke up feeling so bloated, so pudgy, and just blah.  To brighten up my spirits I figured I’d see what the scale had to say as I had clearly changed my ways since Christmas… well I kid you not, the scale showed that I had GAINED a pound.  Right then and there I lost it.  I cried and cried (on Neal’s shoulders of course) and just didn’t know what was going on with my body.  I knew darn well why I had gained weight over the holidays, but a gain since coming home?  I was just so discouraged.

Although I am still in the dumps about it all, Neal did encourage me to stick to it.  If I am doing all of the things I know I need to do to lose weight, then hopefully my body will adjust and the weight will come off.  Do I slip up? Yes.  Do I miss a workout because I’m tired? Yes.  But I know that if I’m on track more than off track then my body will change.

Neal also encouraged me to stick to the plan I had created on Sunday night.  As various studies show that it takes 66+ days to create a habit, unlike the 21 day studies, I decided to create a list of 4 habits I want to form.

Rules to Live By for weight loss

I want to create habits in the following areas:

  1. Fitness every day.  Now this doesn’t mean I have to do a 1 hour workout 7 days a week, but I want to incorporate fitness into every day.  If that means always taking the stairs or doing abs on my off day, just something to always have my mind focused on fitness
  2. Track points every day, focusing on eating whole foods
  3. No eating after 8PM.  Now if I have something social planned, that’d different, but I want to stop snacking or eating late when I’m not hungry.  If I’m actually hungry, well I can wait until breakfast!
  4. Healthy desserts only.  I’ve gotten into a bad habit of eating desserts since meeting Neal.  I want to focus on eating healthy desserts only.

66 days to break a habit

I also created a 66 days calendar, crossing off each day I’m successful.  So far, I’ve been 100% for 3 days.  I did 2 workouts Monday, yoga Tuesday, and football yesterday.  I’ve tracked my points everyday, I have not eaten after 8PM, and I have not had any type of dessert in 3 days.

3 weight loss goals

I also put my goals right where I can see them, on my fridge and on my iPhone.

iPhone background weight loss motivation

My first three goals are:

  1. 219 pounds… I just want to get out of the 220’s so bad and to stay out of them.  I haven’t been out of them since the summer of 2011.
  2. 207 pounds… this is my lowest weight as an adult.  I reached it in 2007
  3. 199 pounds… I’m speechless.

Tomorrow I will weigh-in and share all the numbers with y’all.  I know that weight loss is a journey, that it’s hard, and that it takes time… I think we all know that, but I’m just tired of it being something that controls my life.  I’m tired of losing and gaining the same 10 pounds.

It has been a rough week, but I hope to see a turn around as I move further into 2013.


  1. says

    Hey fellow #FFA… I must say.. You are not alone. I read your post today and I almost cried because that was exactly what happened to me via the holidays. To make matters worse I live in Texas too and was visiting friends and family around the state as well.

    Needless to say, as always I am reminded we go through things not for our own sake but for others. If any rate, you are are not alone and I am in the same situation. Keep pressing..

  2. says

    I know this part sucks right now – gaining weight when you are trying to do everything to lose is really hard to deal with. However, you will get through this! If I might offer a possible suggestion — when you returned from vacation and gained it might just be your body catching up. For me it takes a week or two for the healthy changes to show up on the scale. So, give yourself a break and let that go and focus on moving forward. Neil is right – you need to be patient and continue working on building those healthy habits. You can/will lose the weight if you work on them! I can’t wait to read how successful you will be!

  3. says

    Oh girl. That’s so tough. But it’ll be ok. And as long as you keep reminding yourself WHY you’re so motivated and that you’re doing all the right things, then you’ll be able to wake up the next morning and just keep going! You can do this!! And if you ever need a healthy dessert or are stuck in a rut, my blog has tons of recipes (all with healthier swaps bc I’m on that lifelong journey to health too) or you can just email me directly!
    PS the scale is wicked mean. I eventually had to give mine up bc I would cry almost every time I stepped on it. It wasn’t helping me stay motivated toward my goal.

  4. says

    Congrats on setting your new goals! I know how frustrated you feel! I have been battling the same ten (to fifteen) pounds since my youngest was born in 2009. It can be the most heart breaking, frustrating, infuriating thing in the world right?!?!

    But you jumped right back in…I believe that sometimes your body has its own way of punishing…it was mad at you for kicking it in the butt so it raised your number, but ha ha body…it was muscle!!

  5. Lindsey D. says

    Hey!!Recently started following your blog. I love it! I’m on a weight loss journey of my own for myself, my husband and Lord willing our future children. You have been a great encourager to me since I started reading. Don’t be discouraged! A similar thing happened to me over the holidays. I actually lost the five pounds I gained quickly. maybe it was mostly water, but here I am up a pound and a half again after doing what I thought was really well. Anyway, you know what it takes and you’re doing great! Love the idea of having your goal weights posted. Going to do that myself!

  6. says

    You can DO it! I love your goals and really like the idea about not eating after 8pm. I often find myself reaching for something to nibble on around 8:30 so I might sign up on that goal with you.

    It’s easy to become discouraged after a funky vacation or weekend but you’re already halfway there in the battle. It’s so much easier to have a blip but keep on going rather than fall off the wagon altogether. I’m rooting for you and so curious to hear how your football season goes!

  7. Betsy Brownfield says

    I feel your pain and I’m so impressed with all your organization and planning. Just keep it up and the weight will come off. I know you have heard this before but it is way easier to lose weight at your age then when you get older so keep that in might and try and get it lost now instead of later. 66 days for a habit….no wonder I’ve not been able to accomplish anything. I thought it was only 28. I’m going to try the chart also. Thanks for sharing.

  8. says

    I really can’t thank you enough for being so honest. I completely understand (first hand) your frustration with this. Just try to remember, that one pound could just be lingering water weight or weird bloat. In my Weight Watchers tracker, I like to plan out my entire day including exercise. Since I can’t bear deleting those activity points, I always get the workout done!

    Just keep it up. You’re SO CLOSE to all of your goals. Once you get into your rhythm, you’ll hit them in no time at all. YOU ROCK!

  9. Michelle says

    Please, please hang in there! I am right with you. I can’t seem to get out of the 200’s. It’s so frustrating. The great thing is you wrote down your goals and you shared them, they are now real. You can do this! Remember it’s baby steps, as much as that stinks, it is baby steps!

  10. says

    I feel the EXACT same way Ashley. This week has been super hard for me and when I look back at my stats I see that I’m not that far from where I was this summer, which sucks. My lowest weight as an adult was 214 and my goal this year is to see a 1 as the first number on the scale. I love the goals you have set for yourself and the visual calendar/goals on your phone. Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing!

  11. Amanda Ogden says

    One piece of advice…don’t get on the scale daily! Weigh-in once a week (or any set time you see fit). I try to weigh-in once every two weeks…I was to the point where I would take my weight in the morning, and then again right after I worked out…it is just a number and all I want is to fit into my wardrobe of “smaller” clothes that I have from my first few years of teaching (I am in year 6 – I’ve gained weight and went up 2 pants sizes…I can almost get into my next size down, but I need another few good weeks of workouts).

    Remember, women lose weight/body fat differently than men. My husband and I can eat the same meal and then he can snack and lose weight, I look at a potato chip or piece of chocolate and gain 5 pounds…Once you get your metabolism going, and keep it going, your weight will melt off!

  12. says

    I know exactly how you feel. I feel like I’ve been at the same weight for SO long, and I just can’t get away from it. I’m hoping with some changes to my workout habits will help bust me through this plateau. I think you’re doing awesome, and I am very motivated reading your posts every day. Keep going…just like your sign – you have nothing to lose but the weight!

  13. Sarah says

    You are much more accountable than many people, so don’t be hard on yourself – this is a process.
    I’m going through some health issues right now and I’ve gained 10 lbs. I was working on losing weight before I got sick, so now with the extra weight, I’ve got about 30 lbs. to lose – and of course, I’m not allowed to lose weight until I get a little stronger. I only mention this because your blog is great motivation for me! While I can’t lose weight right now, it helps me to see how things work for you.
    Keep up the great work – you can do it! And I like the 66 day chart – it can work for any habit that needs to be changed.

  14. says

    Don’t worry about it at all – it could be water weight especially if you’ve been eating more salty foods while you were enjoying the holidays (which you deserve to by the way, a few days off every year does not ruin all the good things you’ve been doing)

    I’m sure if you keep to your plan you’ll be fine – keep it up – you’re doing brilliantly!!

  15. Katy says

    You can do this girlie!! Keep positive, keep moving forward, and keep thinking about your upcoming goals!!!! You have all the right tools and support, stay positive and it will happen!!!!!!!!!! 2013 baby!!! :)

  16. Laura says

    Thank you for your honesty! I hide my weight from everyone, so you being able to put it on your refridgerator is amazing. I really like your comment about “being tired of gaining and losing the same 10 pounds” I can totally relate to that!!!

  17. says

    First off I LOVE that you have your goals written like that and the calendar! I soo want to do this now! Thanks for the inspiration. Second: I can’t believe how alike we are! I had looked into the 66 day habit thing and centered my goals for 2013 around this too. Second I had the same feeling a bit ago about weight loss, and someone told me in the comments that inches are usually what shows up first. So I quickly went out and bought a body tape measure. I can definitely see more improvement in my body measurements than the scale. Remember you are working out and building muscle..muscle weighs more. Don’t get discouraged. You are doing awesome things. I love all your posts about going to the gym and eating healthy (and your honesty!!). I am going through the same thing..we can do this..we WILL do this!

  18. says

    The best healthy dessert that I have ever discovered is roasted squash. I AODRE roasted butternut squash, pumpkin or acorn squash after dinner. The sweetness tells my appetite that it’s time to stop eating. Sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia only enhances how delicious this dessert is! :)

  19. Becki says

    Hang in there, Ashley! You will reach your desired goals because you are very committed and have a wonderful support system through your husband, family and blog readers. The weekly ups and downs are inevitable but they are not the end result! :)

  20. Jennie says

    I am in the same boat with you. I keep gaining and losing the same weight. I started boot camp Jan 2nd and really thou I would see this huge change- nothing! I think it takes your boby some time to adjust. One day you will step on that scale and see a huge loss! Celebreate the small victories… you are an inspiration to us all!

  21. Landon says

    Ever since I hit my lowest weight at my sister’s wedding in September, the scale has shown me gaining and losing the same 5-8lbs. Honestly, I stopped focusing on what the scale is saying and focused more on how I felt – when I eat better and exercise I felt better and suddenly the weight came off again.

    My body takes a week or two to show losses when I’ve re-changed my habits after a period of not-ideal eating.

    Lastly – just keep in mind you started strength training again! That ALWAYS throws off my weigh ins depending on how sore I am. For some reason my body wants to weigh more 1-2 days after strength training sessions..

  22. Scarlet says

    You can make your goals, just stay focused! I am 28 and had not weighed under 200 pounds since age 19! I finally just made it to onderland last month after being diligent about my diet and working out all summer. The main thing that helped me was sticking to working out 5 days a week, avoiding almost all sugar except fructose, and sticking to my paleo/primal diet. You just have to figure out what works for your body and you will get there!

  23. says

    You can do it! Your goals seem great (the 66 days seems like a good way to approach them too) and we all felt gross after the holidays. Don’t let a pound get to you- that was probably all water weight anyway. It seems like you have an AWESOME community here on your blog supporting you. Fight on!! :)

  24. says

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! You are doing great. I had a similar experience with holidays and weight gain and I know it’s frustrating. We just have to keep going! Hugs!

  25. says

    I love this idea! And I agree with others…don’t be so hard on yourself! We all have bad weeks. You’re doing a great job and these goals are fantastic!

    I may take a cue from you and post something like this on our fridge. Visual motivation is a huge help on this journey.

  26. says

    I feel for you so much, girl! Best advice I can give is just hang in there and know that it WILL happen, but it is HARD. I gained 20 pounds back of my 110 loss in 2012 and I am struggling big time to get it back off. I know I can, I just need to REALLY commit to the ways that got me to where I am. We can do this!

  27. says

    I love the idea of putting your goals on your phone’s screen – I’m totally going to do this! You’re doing great and this journey is a life long one with twists and turns and sometimes even u-turns!

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