A Turn Around Day

Today has been everything I needed it to be. After a rough week, I needed to leave today feeling refreshed and back in control of my life. Little did I know that my Thursday night shopping trip would play a huge role in today’s happiness.

On Thursday night, I headed over to Old Navy to shop for some new work pants. With my weight gain from the holidays, my pants have just been too tight and I knew I needed to get a larger size. It was discouraging to have to buy a size 18 but it’s far better than feeling bad about not fitting into my size 16 pants every day.

Old Navy Sign

I found my pants pretty quickly and then headed straight over to the workout gear.  Old Navy recently sent me $50 dollars to try out there Active clothing line which couldn’t have come at a better time.

Old Navy Active

I feel very strongly that you have to feel beautiful when you work out.  I look for clothes that are colorful, do not constrict anything (I don’t want rolls to show), and stay put.

Old Navy Active

I tried on a lot of different options and was so excited about what I walked away with.  With the Active by Old Navy line on sale up to 40% off until January 16 I walked away with 5 items for just $55!  I bought a black Blackjack Active Compression Pants, Carbon 3 Active Compression Capris, Neon Green Xtreme GoDRY Rib Tank, Blackjack Active GoDRY tank, and a Blackjack Slub-Knit GoDRY Tee.

What I loved the most about Active by Old Navy was that the pants sat high on my waist and the shirts were long and covered my tummy.  The best of all worlds!

Fast forward to this morning as I was getting ready for football (remember, I was on a quest to have a great day) I decided to wear my new compression pants and my GoDRY tank and tee.

Active by Old Navy

The moment I put these clothes on I felt fantastic!!

Active by Old Navy

I ended up wearing the tee to start, as I didn’t know what the temperature would be at practice, but boy to I LOVE the tank!

Active by Old Navy

I went into practice feeling great and really believe that what I was wearing played a big role in that.

Practice was fantastic.  After warm-ups the offensive line worked on our footwork, going through a number of drills and working on driving against the defense.  We then moved into the conditioning part of practice.

5 stations were set up and we spent 4 minutes performing certain drills or exercises before moving to the next station.  Today’s stations involved a lot of sprints, a lot of squats, and a lot of burpees.  It kicked my tail!

We then ended practice with the whole offense, practicing plays.  2 hours after its start, we ended practice with a cool down and lots of stretching!

A trip to Trader Joe’s and the dog park filled up the rest of my afternoon, which has left me feeling soooo much better than I was feeling yesterday.  Tonight Becky is coming over to watch the 49ers game and I have a big pot of chili on the stove.  Just what I needed!

Have you tried out Old Navy’s Active line?


This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at oldnavy.com #GetYourActiveON


  1. says

    I’ve been super curious about the Old Navy line! I tried to buy pair of compression capris a few times, but they were always sold out in my size :( That top looks great on you!

  2. Becky @ Olives n Wine says

    I haven’t tried their activewear yet! So many bloggers are raving about their line though… I’m going to have to check it out. Plus, if everything is 40% off…. You can’t beat that!

  3. Suzanne says

    So excited about several new Old Navy activewear items I bought last week. New Year’s resolution… I quit smoking and began training for my first 5K on March 9th. Will definitely be sporting ON attire!

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