Weigh-in: Bobby Flay Fit

It’s no secret, at least not to me, that my husband has a man crush on Bobby Flay.  This love affair has resulted in us watching all of his shows and me following him on twitter and instagram.

This past week I began to see a lot of #BobbyFlayFit hashtags, which instantly opened up a full fledged investigation.

Bobby Flay Fit

Bobby Flay Fit is the first ever fitness program on Food Network.  It is a seven part series which will walk viewers through 7 habits that help Bobby Flay to stay fit and healthy, while still being able to enjoy fabulous foods!

Day One – Moderation

Day Two – Motivation

Day Three – Mix It Up

Day Four – Expect More

Day Five – Discipline

Day Six – Support

Day Seven – Wrap-Up

Bobby Flay Fit

There are also a number of articles on Food Network’s website that go along with the seven videos from Bobby Flay.

I really was excited to find this series!  I think it’s great that the Food Network is doing this and I really appreciate the genuineness Bobby Flay brings to the table (love him).  Be sure to check it all out!

So this week was really good for me!  My weigh-in does not reflect the amount of work I put into the week, but at least I lost weight!

Starting Weight: 234.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 230.6 lbs
This Weigh-in: 229.8 lbs
Difference:  -0.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss: -4.8 lbs

This week I focused on eating clean foods, consuming more fruits and veggies, and limiting my intake of carbs and processed foods.

I also worked out a LOT!

Saturday – 2 hours of football practice

Sunday – Tabata workout

-bicep curls
-squat thrusters
-Weighted squats
-Chest flies
-Upright row
-Plank hold
-Alternating chest taps

Monday – 2 hours of football practice

Tuesday – Tabata workout with Katy (8 reps of each exercise, 20 seconds for each rep)

-plié squats
-reverse crunch
-toe touch abs
-wall sits
-reg crunch
-jumping jacks
-toe touch oblique reach on back

Wednesday – 2 hours of football practice

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – 30 minutes on Arc Trainer

I have enjoyed the break from tracking points, focusing on the Simply Filling plan on Weight Watchers, but today I am returning to tracking points.

What was the highlight of your week?

I have two highlights I have to share!!!

  1. I was featured on Old Navy’s facebook page
  2. I was featured on Fitness Magazine’s Fit Bloggers We Love


  1. says

    Thank you for sharing this!! Sharing this with friends and family that I know that are addicted to the Food Network! What a great show!

    Keep up the hard work! You are doing great and I really admire your dedication! A great role model for all.

  2. tara says

    Congrats on the featuted articles!
    So funny my husband and I were watching a Bobby Flay grilling show the other day and I said “Bobby is one of the only chefs that has seemed to have stayed real slim. Thenn 2 minutes later was the ad for his new fitflay show! It looks good!

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