Weekly Plan: January 21 – 27

It was great to finally see a loss on the scale last week!  As I move into this week, my goals are to…

  1. Track everything
  2. No grains, breads, or complex carbs after lunch (recommended by my friend Katy)
  3. Push myself in my workouts
  4. Study, study, study my football playbook (practices are getting intense)

I did not track any points this past weekend but am actually feeling really great today!  I was actively moving for 8+ hours each day, so I know I was burning enough calories to balance out the foods I was eating.

Nike Fuel Band 7000


  • Breakfast – 2 slices of Ezekiel Flax bread and 1 slice of 2% Kraft cheese
  • Lunch – Weird pasta dish at home (whole wheat pasta, turkey kielbasa sausage, and jalapeno pasta sauce)
  • Dinner – Chipotle bowl (Brown rice, pinto beans, chicken, pico de gallo, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce)
  • Workout – 2 hours of football practice and 8 hours of moving

Salad with grilled chicken


  • Breakfast – Starbucks coffee and Very Berry Coffee Cake
  • Lunch – Butter lettuce, grilled chicken, and light Caesar dressing
  • Dinner – Salad and 2 small slices of pizza (onion, green peppers, and bacon)
  • Dessert – frozen yogurt topped with chocolate sprinkles
  • Workout – 9 hours of moving


This week’s meal plan focuses on dinners and workouts.  I have found that planning my breakfast and lunches during football season is tough as my body craves/needs different things on different days.  On Tuesday and Thursday, I always need more breakfast and a lighter lunch.  On Monday and Wednesday I need a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner.

Dinner Workout
Monday Salad with grilled chicken 2 hour football practice
Tuesday Dinner out with friends Active rest day
Wednesday Salad with grilled chicken 2 hour football practice`
Thursday Veggie burger and veggies Tabata workout
Friday Stir-fry with shrimp and veggies Cardio @ gym
Saturday Roast chicken and vegetables 2 hour football practice
Sunday Salad topped with leftover chicken Active rest day

This is also my first full week of the FitFluential DietBet I am a part of!!  Wouldn’t mind winning a little money!

On Sunday morning I weighed in at 230.0, which means I need to lose 9.2 pounds in the next 4 weeks.  I can’t deny that I’m a little skeptical, but I am going to work hard and hope that I win a little money!

On the football front, practices are going really well.  I feel great physically but for me, so far, this game is more mental than physical.  Are the workouts difficult? YES, but I push through them.  Are the practice long? Yes, but they really do fly by.  Will I learn the plays and my position? Yes, but the beginning stages have been difficult.

All in all, I’m feeling great and hope to see another loss on the scale this week.

What is one of your goals for this week?


  1. says

    I can’t wait to see you play football! I am not so good at meal planning, but I tend to have the same breakfast and similar lunch (leftovers + salad + orange) most work days, so I’m not stuck with take-out.

  2. says

    Good for you for making heathy food choices despite not tracking your points. I have a hard time making good decisions if I don’t have to log it in. My goal this week is to keep up with my eating/workouts so that I can (maybe, hopefully) lose 1.6 lbs this week to bring my total up to 10 pounds! Wahoo!

  3. says

    It sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place for your meals and activity! Playing football sounds like so much fun and such a great way to get your exercise. I’m insanely jealous that you had Chipotle for dinner. There isn’t one within 5+ hours of me and I love that place.

  4. says

    Good luck on losing the weight! I wanted to join, but I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to lose that much weight. I know you can do it, though! Football sounds like so much fun :) Back in high school, I was on the flag football team and it was so much fun.

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