Moving On Up…Or Downstairs In This Case

This past weekend Neal and I moved from one apartment in our complex to another one. Why did we move just 6 months after moving into our first one?? Well, it’s cheaper. It is MUCH cheaper to rent between November and February verses the peak months of May-August.

I knew last May that I’d want to see what was available in the winter months and was sold when I found out we’d be saying $250 a month. I loved our old apartment but was more than happy to move to an apartment that doesn’t face the metro train. I will not miss hearing the trains every 6-12 minutes.

New Apartment

Our new apartment is the exact same layout as our old apartment but there are a few differences, like the windows.  Everything else is just about the same, making the move super easy.  We literally moved an item and put it in the exact same spot in the new apartment.  I’ll do a grand tour later this week.

Old Apartment

Moving for 3 days also helped me to get in 3 amazing workouts, on top of 2 football practices.  Saturday I had football practice for 2 hours and 8 hours of moving.

Saturday Nike Fuel

Sunday we moved most of the day!  12,438 steps… not too bad!

Sunday Nike Fuel

Yesterday I killed it though! We started moving at 7AM and wrapped it up around 2PM.  A few hours of running errands and then 2 hours of football practice left me with 16,134 steps, 6.62 miles, and 2,717 calories burned from my movement.  I’m definitely feeling it today!

Monday Nike Fuel

It feels so great to be settled into our new apartment and as I shared yesterday, to know that we probably wont be moving for a while.  During the move I did make a list of a few things I want to buy and a few things I want to do around the house.

To Buy

  • Scarf organizer
  • Spice rack
  • New lamps for the living room (either a floor lamp or two table lamps)
  • Frame for wedding thump print tree
  • New pillow cases for the master bedroom and a bed skirt for the guest room

To Do

  • Clean out toiletries
  • Organize pantry (spices)
  • Find home for 2 boxes of dvds
  • Hang wall art

I don’t know why I’m so excited about this new place but I just am.  It just feels so great to be a little more settled.

What’s one project you’d like to tackle in your home?  Any Pinterest inspiration?


  1. says

    I get excited about starting fresh as well! We get procession of our first house on Friday and I’m SO excited to get all moved in and settled. I have soooo many ideas (and pinterest boards) on things I want to do. I wish I had an unlimited budget lol.

  2. says

    That’s such a good idea! I never would’ve thought to do that, but it makes so much sense. Love those beautiful windows! It sounds like the move was pretty convenient for you guys, but moving is never EASY, haha. Good for you :)

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