My Closet

I love, love, love to organize and to clean things out.  I feel like I’m always organizing closets these days, so I thought I’d walk y’all through my bedroom closet (at least my half).


On the far left side of my closet I have a caddy from IKEA that holds my PJ’s, long socks and extra accessories.


On the top rack I have two storage bins, which hold my summer clothes (mainly dresses).  I love wearing dresses, as they don’t constrict my waist.


During the winter months I also keep my PJ sets on the top shelf.  During the summer I usually just wear shorts and a t-shirt to be so these PJ sets will move to the blue and green bin when I switch out my wardrobe.


For my clothes I separate them into three categories, tops, bottoms, and dresses.  For the tops, I organize them by color (YAY) verses by style.  It just makes it easier to pick something out in the morning when I have it sorted this way.


On the other side of my closet I have my bottoms and dresses (peek-a-boo wedding dress).  This fall I also hung up my college sports shirts and my workout jackets, but I’m thinking of moving these to my dresser and coat closet soon.


At the bottom of my closet I have my shoe rack.  I do keep a few pairs of shoes in the main coat closet, but usually move them back to this closet by the end of the week.


Now the one part of my closet that needed a little organizing were my scarves.  During the fall and winter I love having them out where I can see them, verses keeping them in a bin.


Today I ran over to The Container Store and picked up a scarf organizer.

Scarf Organizer

There were a lot of different options but I loved how these hangers looked and that they would be able to hold a lot of scarves.

Scarf Organizer

Now I may not have a Pinterest worthy closet, but I’m pretty happy with how my closet is looking these days.


How do you organize your closet?


  1. says

    Those are great hangers! I have my sweaters and jeans on shelves, my work shirts and casual shirts divided, and then my dresses and pants. I have similar shoe racks, but Tiger Lilly steals them and leaves them around the house!

  2. says

    I hang my clothes by color too. It’s also fun to see which colors I have a lot of and which ones I seem to shun entirely (like yellow). I could use those scarf hangers, mine currently look like your before picture!

  3. says

    AH I seriously need to learn to organize… your closet is perfect! All my clean clothes are still sitting in the hamper from yesterday’s laundry… I dread it!

  4. says

    I organize my clothes first by style, then by color. Basically it starts on one side with tanks (white, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, and then black) and then so on with short sleeves, long sleeves and sweaters. My fiancee claims it’s confusing but I always know where to go when I’m looking for a short sleeved green shirt ;).

  5. says

    I think it’s interesting that you switch out seasonal items, because I don’t. Sometimes I like to wear my summer dresses in the winter with tights underneath, and I usually wear short-sleeve shirts all year long (with a cardigan over them in the winter).

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