Future Travels

I truly love to travel, always have. There’s just something about taking time off, packing a bag, and living a different life for a couple of days.

Over the past two years Neal and I have done our fair share of traveling.  Though a number of little trips, minus our European honeymoon, it’s fun to look back on all of the places we have been.


San Antonio, Texas December 2012: Christmas vacation

Grinnell, Iowa November 2012: Thanksgiving and old stomping grounds

Boston, Massachusetts November 2012: Reebok Headquarters and Dinner with Old Friend

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania October 2012: Runners World Headquarters and Race Weekend

Baltimore, Maryland September 2012: Fitbloggin

Munich, Germany July 2012

Salzburg, Austria July 2012

Prague, Czech Republic July 2012

Berlin, Germany July 2012: Honeymoon Day 8

Wolsfeld, Germany July 2012: Honeymoon Days 3-7

Rozendaal, Netherlands July 2012

Amsterdam Netherlands July 2012: Honeymoon Days 1-3

Indianapolis, Indiana June 2012: NCAA Conference

Cleveland, Ohio April 2012: Road Trip

Bridesmaid weekend in West Virginia March 2012: (Thursday, Friday, Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday)

San Antonio March 2012: Travel, Bridal Shower

San Antonio February 2012: Cystic Fibrosis Tower Climb

Boston, Massachusetts January 2012: Girls Weekend

Casanova, Virginia January 2012: Day 1, Day 2


Canton, Ohio December 2011: Pro Football Hall of Fame

New York City, New York November 2011: Day Trip!

San Antonio, Texas November 2011: Fake Thanksgiving

Cleveland, Ohio September 2011: Weekend Getaway

Iowa City, Iowa September 2011: Tour of Campus, Iowa Football Game

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 2011: Recap

Las Vegas, Nevada August 2011: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

West Palm Beach, Florida: July 2011

Key West, Florida July 2011: Day 1, Day 2, Throwdown

San Antonio, Texas June 2011: Prep, Day 1, Day 2, Returning Home

Deep Creek Lake May 2011: Day 1, Day 2-3

I’m really itching to set up some trips for 2013.  With playing football, my ability to travel from April-July is squashed but we will be traveling to Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Boston during the season.

A part of me wants to be impulsive and travel somewhere this February, but that just may not happen.  Maybe a staycation is in order or a short road trip of some sorts.  Any recommendations from people who live in the DC area?  Bed and Breakfast? Spa? Resort? City/Town to visit?

After football season ends the world is our oyster!  Here’s what I’m drooling over…

St. Thomas

St. Thomas

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregan

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Washington

I’m thinking something within the US like the Pacific NW after football season ends and then something tropical in December 2013.

Where would you like to travel this year?  Any recommendations for Neal and me?