Bumps and Bruises

A big part of losing weight is being able to pick yourself up when you trip or fall.  My first two weeks using My Fitness Pal and Body Media went very well but this week was all over the place.

Saturday, March 2 (does not include football practice)

yMedia Saturday

Sunday, March 3

BodyMedia Sunday

Monday, March 4

BodyMedia Monday

Tuesday, March 5 (does not include football practice)

BodyMedia Tuesday

Wednesday, March 6

BodyMedia Wednesday

Thursday, March 7 (does not include football practice)

BodyMedia Thursday

Starting Weight: 233.0 lbs (weighed in at the doctor’s on 2/14/13)
Last Weigh-in: 227.2
This Weigh-in: 228.4 lbs
Difference:  +1.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss: -4.6 lbs

Things I need to work on…

  • Drinking more water
  • Eating less carbs
  • Not eating after football practice (Tuesday and Thursday night)
  • Eating more vegetables

Things I happy about…

  • I worked out 5 days this week (3 football practices and running on Sunday and Monday)
  • I did NOT eat Cadberry Cream Eggs on Sunday, a bag of pretzels on Tuesday, and Pesto on Wednesday, saving me 700 calories
  • I finished Jillian Michaels Slim For Life book

Goals for this next week (starting today)

  • Drink 2 Nalgene water bottles each work day
  • Keep my carbs below 115 grams per day
  • Pre-plan what I’ll be ordering when eating out (I have 4 events on the calendar this next week)

Gaining weight this week stunk but I’m learning a lot and have good goals for the week ahead.


  1. says

    I know that when I would have a big weight loss week (-4lbs) I would usually gain weight the following week, like my body was saying “whoops – too much! sorry!”.

    I keep telling myself it’s a lifestyle change and not a fad diet. Good luck on saying no to the eggs and the pretzels – here at work its doughnuts, cake and catered lunches all day. Sometimes it’s hard to stay strong!

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