An Impulse Trip to Charlottesville

When Neal and I found out last weekend that Iowa would be playing UVA in the NIT Tournament, I just knew we’d have to make the drive down to Charlottesville to see the Hawkeyes play.

Iowa Gear

Wednesday afternoon Neal and I both left work early and headed down to UVA.  Charlottesville is about 2.5 hours from DC, so it’s a doable day trip!  The weather was perfect and because we left at 2PM, we missed all rush hour traffic (YAY).

Drive to Charlottesville

We arrived in Charlottesville a little before 5PM and headed down to Main Street just to walk around.  As we arrived I mentioned to Neal that a few bloggers live in Charlottesville, including Kath from Kath Eats Real Food.  I kid you not, a few minutes later I ran into her!  It was nice meeting her and seeing her adorable son.

Main Street Charlottesville

Neal and I really enjoyed our walk and being able to see a bit of downtown.

Neal and Ashley

A few hours later it was game time, so we headed over to the arena.  I couldn’t help but laugh at what some people are wearing. Not to say that Iowa fans dress any better (hello yellow and black overalls) but the blue pants were just cracking me up.

UVA Basketball Fans

I will say though, the UVA John Paul Jones Arena is a REALLY nice arena.

UVA vs Iowa NIT

Nothing better than cheap seats, a great view, and a happy man beside me!

Neal and Ashley

The game was awesome and Iowa won 75-64!

UVA vs Iowa NIT

I was worried I’d have an unhappy husband in the car for 2.5 hours if Iowa lost but we had a really awesome ride home.  We also talked about Wednesday’s post for a while, which was awesome.  Nothing better than a supportive husband!

Neal and Ashley

On our way home we stopped at Jimmy John’s for sandwiches, which was only appropriate since I feel like Iowans love them some Jimmy John’s ( and yes, I’m stereotyping but Neal would agree).

Jimmy Johns

We had a wonderful time on Wednesday and look forward to seeing Iowa play Maryland in the NIT Final Four (on our TV).

I think being impulsive and spontaneous is great for Neal and I.  It keeps things fun and gets me out of my planning mode!

Do you enjoy being spontaneous or do you feel like you have to plan things out?


  1. Becky says

    I love that you two did this- how great, fun, and spontaneous! And they WON!! Also, your picture of the clouds is beautiful, it almost looks like a painting… I’d want to display it soemwhere. What time was the game and what time did you guys get home?

  2. wendy says

    I’m a planner and my DH is spontaneous. I’ve learned that many times the more spontaneous stuff we do is the MOST FUN! I’ve learned to roll with it.

  3. says

    I would love to be more spontaneous but our schedules don’t really allow it very often. It sounds like you guys had a great time. There is a Jimmy John’s opening in my city soon. I can’t wait to check them out.

  4. Karla says

    I am definitely a plannner when it comes to trips (and most other things). I would have to agree that Iowans love Jimmy Johns. We just started getting them about 5 years ago and now they are everywhere.

  5. says

    Omigosh I can’t believe you visited Cville – I totally lived there before I moved to DC for school! Such a great town – so glad you were able to spend some time downtown!

  6. says

    That is so fun that you two got to do this! I like to plan things but have been known to jump on an opportunity last minute! In high school I found a $20 air ticket to Arizona and flew out that afternoon to visit my friend and her family who had moved there.

  7. says

    I am a big planner, but I try to be flexible. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I went to UVa and work takes me back down there from time to time. I will have to look up the Charlottesville bloggers on my next visit.

  8. says

    I am glad that you guys enjoyed a nice day trip to Charlottesville (which is such a cute town). One of the things that I do miss about living in the DC area is Jimmy John’s sandwiches. Yes we have plenty of other option in NYC but still its not the same.

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