Opening Day

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day for baseball. The sun was shinning, flags were flying, and thousands of fans came together to watch the Washington Nationals win their first game of the 2013 season at Opening Day.

Nationals Opening Day 2013

If you’re ever in Washington DC, I HIGHLY recommend making it out to a Nationals game.  The Nats have an amazing stadium and traditions worth experiencing.  One of my favorite game day events is the President’s Race!  Since the Nationals moved to DC in 2005 Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt have raced one another in the middle of the 4th inning.

This year, Taft joined the President’s race, starting a new rivalry between himself and Roosevelt.

Nationals Opening Day 2013

We had a blast at the game and enjoyed watching the Nationals win, thanks to TWO rockin’ home runs by Bryce Harper.

Nationals Opening Day 2013

Yesterday I also started eating just three meals a day, as compared to my old habit of eating 3 meals, 2 snacks, and dessert.

As I shared last week when I kicked off my “Breaking the Cycle” series, I have always struggled with overeating.  I eat out of emotions and not always because I’m hungry.  In an effort to change these habits, I have decided that eating three meals a day is really all I need at this point.  Eating outside of that just isn’t necessary.

Now this doesn’t mean I’ll be eating less calories.  I am still going to eat my recommended calorie allowance of 2100 calories but over 3 meals.  My overeating tends to fall outside of my three meals and although I can also work on what I’m eating at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, telling myself that I can not eat outside of those 3 meals will help to cut out random snacking and temptation.

Yesterday I enjoyed…

Breakfast – 2 egg, turkey bacon, and strawberries

Lunch – Nachos at the ballpark

Dinner- 2 whole wheat tortillas, steak, cheese, lettuce, and salsa

My first day went really well, though mentally it’s challenging.  I was not physically hungry for dinner until 7:30PM, but late afternoon I was thinking about snacks and what I was going to have for dinner.  Again, I wasn’t hungry until 7:30PM but 3 hours earlier my brain was focused on food.  It’s those thoughts that I’m trying to end in an effort to stop turning to food because my brain wants food.

Today will be a more traditional day, as I head back to work today after a long weekend and have football practice tonight.

Have you ever been to an Opening Day?

What does your meal plan look like? 3 meals? 5 meals? 2 snacks?


  1. Kelly says

    2100 seems high for weightloss, did you mean 1200 calories? Or are you burning 3000 a day to create the deficit?

  2. says

    I don’t know if you could tell from my tweets, but I am so jealous you were at the game yesterday. Ha. I only mentioned it a few times so….yea.
    I can’t wait to go tomorrow night even though it’s going to be like 35 degrees. Maybe I’ll have coffee with my cheese fries haha.

  3. says

    I went to opening day yesterday at Turner Field to watch the Braves kick some Phillies butt! It was a great way to start the season. I did NOT have a good eating day yesterday, but today is a new day and I’m back on track. Good luck with your challenge. I know you can do it!

  4. says

    I am really interested to hear more about how the 3 meals a day goes for you, and what you eat for meals. I know sometimes I sabotage myself by over-snacking, and it’s honestly never occured to me to NOT snack and just eat 3 meals a day. Hope it works well for you!

  5. says

    I’m a snacker too! I generally eat 5 times a day – 3 “meals” and 2 smaller snacks. I was recently reading on another blog though about how if we would just listen to our bodies and eat when we’re truly hungry, most of us would be at a healthy weight. Sometimes I get so caught up in planning my meals that I fail to actually listen to my body. I thought it was interesting the point you made about not being hungry until 7:30. You know your body better than anyone! Good luck. :)

  6. says

    I just want to hypothetically knock down one of those bobble head guys. ;)

    I am a 5 meal type of girl. Love small meals. Of course, if I don’t watch my snacking, it could be more.

  7. says

    Never been to opening day but I have been to many baseball games in my time… And the funniest thing is that I never really knew what the 7th INning Stretch was until my most recent baseballing event! Ah ha ha ha! I think I prefer basketball… Whoops!

    As for meals, I eat 2 a day… One between 11 am & 1 pm and another between 5:30 and 7:30 pm! That’s it. No snacking for me either.

  8. Tara says

    I have never been to opening day, but its usually too cold here in Boston to think about wanting to go!

    I am definitely a 3 meals/2-3 snacks kind of person. I like to eat small, healthy meals, as well as snacks so I dont feel guilty eating every few hours. A typical day for me:
    645a-homemade oats w/dates, cinnamon, almonds & pb or fruit smoothie (spinach, greek yogrt, frozen fruit & almond milk)
    930a-greek yogurt or fruit or slice of sprouted bread w/pb
    1pm-small salad w/protein (tuna, chicken, pork) or leftovers (turkey meatload w/veggies)
    3pm-almonds w/craisins, dark chocolate chips (2oz)
    7pm-Dinner (protein and veggies)

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