When I Grow Up

Last night Neal and I headed over to The Black Cat DC to see our Brother-in-Law Mark perform with his band The Features.

The Features

Of course Neal and I are partial because we know the band, but we LOVE The Features.  Seeing them in DC is always a treat and I really liked their new songs though some of their older songs, like Lion, are still favorites.

Can’t wait to dig into the new album!

The Features

Seeing them perform made me think about what, as a little kid, I wanted to be when I grew up.  Seeing Mark live out his dream always makes me so happy and it made me wonder how many people get to do what they love every single day.

The Features

Growing up, I wanted to be one thing… a meteorologist! Hands down!! I was in love with this guy…

Jim Cantore (source)

I loved Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel.  I watched The Weather Channel religiously, face planted in front of the TV during the Tropical Update.  The only thing I loved more than Jim were hurricanes.  I read books about weather and I had just about every VHS tape The Weather Channel put out.  It’s all I wanted for birthdays and Christmas (though I’m still not over the fact that my parents didn’t see the value in me having my own Weather Channel jacket…).

I hate to break it to you guys, but I am not a meteorologist.  Although it was a dream of mine, no one told me meteorology is Atmospheric Physics… EEK!! That and a few other things led me towards a career that utilized my strengths; public relations, operations, student development, and life skills counseling.

I love the path my career has taken me on, and although I don’t stand in front of a green screen every day sharing the forecast with you lovely people, you do get to see me on YouTube every once and a while talking about weight loss (close enough right?).

Neal and Ashley

It was great seeing Mark and The Features last night and I wish them all the best with their new album, current tour, and all that they are working on!! If you haven’t checked out The Features… DO IT!

What did you want to be when you grew up?


  1. says

    They sound great! Shows are always so much fun!

    I wanted to be the next Wynonna Judd. I used to watch CMT all the time and practiced my dance moves. Lol. Now I can’t stand country music. Funny how things change. :)

  2. says

    I wanted to be many things growing up such as a rock and roll musician, meteorologist, geologist, author, and psychologist. Although I love watching thunderstorms and tornadoes (Midwestern gal here), I ended up following music and becoming a music teacher. Now I’m going back to school to be a mental health counselor. I guess I’m getting to chase a few of those many dreams.

  3. says

    Ditto the meteorologist thing! I’m obsessed with all things weather. When I went to apply for colleges, I had two stacks of applications (waaaay back when applications were still paper)—one for art schools and one for meteorology. Like you, I ended up tossing my Oklahoma application when I realized that meteorology required WAY more math than I ever wanted to take. That and it required me to move to Oklahoma. Ha! I, obviously, ended up going the art route and it worked out for me. :)

    • says

      I too applied to OU and Nebraska. I was actually suppose to attend Nebraska, deposit paid and all, and I changed my mind in May of my senior year. I too agree that it worked out in the end! Small world :)

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    Don’t be jealous but… I did the weather for ABC 7 when I lived in Denver… But I did it for the 3am NEWS! AH HA HA HA HA AHA!!! I remember my brother said he watched once and I… “did a strip tease” – It was warming up that day and I was wearing a scarf so I said, “would you look at that, the temps will be warming up, no need for this scarf any more” and I flung it at the camera – AHHH HA HA HA! Oh goodness.

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