A Weekend In Boston

This weekend Neal and I headed up to Boston for the Women’s Football Alliance Conference Semi Finals against the Boston Militia.

DC Divas vs. Boston Militia

I love to travel and always crack up when I see how many Vera Bradley bags come out of the closet when I fly.  I love my Vera Bradley bags… Love!

Vera Bradley

Once we arrived in Boston, I made Neal take a little detour to Marylou’s Coffee.  I’ve heard SO much about Marylou’s and have always wanted to visit it.  Marylou’s is located on the south side of Boston, so when I say detour, I mean HUGE detour but man was it worth it!

Marylou's Coffee Quincy

I ordered the Peanut Butter Wonderful with skim milk which was absolutely unreal!

Marylou's Coffee Quincy

Thankfully I was able to sip that delicious iced coffee all the way up to north Boston, especially as we sat in traffic for about an hour and half.  Oops… but it was worth it!

Boston Traffic

Friday night we headed over to Somerville for dinner and a mini date night.

Neal and Ashley

When asked what I wanted for my pre-game day dinner I told Neal BEEF.  He search high and low and decided to take me to the Boston Burger Company.  The burgers were honestly just ok.  I couldn’t help but think about how unhealthy the burger was, which took away from the dinner.  The burger was also pretty dry but I’m glad we tried out a new restaurant for dinner.

Boston Burger Company

After dinner Neal and I walked around downtown Somerville and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.


Our last stop Friday night was at J.P Licks for ice cream.  I ordered the cake batter oreo and Neal got the peanut butter oreo, both of which were delicious.

J.P Licks Somerville

Saturday morning I hit the gym for a quick run just to get my muscles warmed up and then headed over to breakfast with my team mates.

DC Divas vs. Boston Militia

The game Saturday night was incredibly intense but I am really proud of how I played.  We were truly in the game up until the end of the 3rd quarter and then Boston took off.  It was heartbreaking to lose, especially to Boston, but it was an honor playing alongside my team mates.

DC Divas vs. Boston Militia

After saying goodbye to my team mates, I headed back to our hotel, got cleaned up, and then headed downstairs for a much needed blueberry ale.

Blueberry Ale

This morning Neal and I had an 8:40AM flight back to DC and although we didn’t need to leave until 6AM, I convinced Neal to go back to Marylou’s Coffee one last night.  I’m serious y’all, probably the best iced coffee I’ve ever had.  This time I tried out the Girl Scout Cookie, which was amazing.  Probably my favorite of the two flavors I tried.

Marylou's Coffee Quincy

I had a really great time in Boston this weekend and although it was really tough losing Saturday night, I am so grateful for the experience I was given this past year playing full contact football.  It truly changed my life!

What’d you do this weekend?


  1. Jennifer Frost says

    Hey what blueberry ale was it? Salem Beerworks up there makes a wicked blueberry ale with the blueberries in it!

  2. Tara says

    Sorry you didnt win!
    And I live just 20 mins outside Boston, and I cannot believe you went from Somerville to Marylou’s and back to the airport!
    It is great coffee though!
    email me your address, I will mail you a bag of their ground coffee : )

  3. says

    Congrats on an AWESOME season!! You played your heart out and learned so much- I hope you’re really proud of everything you’ve done this past year!
    I think Marylou’s is near where Greg’s dad lives. I’ve never had it though…

  4. says

    Haha I ALWAYS travel with my Veras too! The women in my family joke that that is how we can always find each other in the airports–by our patterns!! Congrats on your first season, I enjoyed reading about your experience! A girl in the lab across the hall plays for the Madison professional women’s team and loves it too. :)

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